Fallout 3 exploits? Spoiler alert!!!

I am playing fallout 3 on the 360. In just about every fallout game there has been some sort of minor programming error that will allow you to ‘sort of’ cheat, but you are just taking advantage of something the playtesters missed.

In this case the only one I found was in

Big Town. Pappy had a speech option at one point that references him dating goth girl with a 100% success rate giving 6xp, and it never went away! It only became unavailable when the super mutants attacked, and he died in the attack. I didn’t reload to keep exploiting, as I had already used it to level from 13 to 15 in about fifteen minutes.

Anyone else have any to share?

So let me get this straight…

You start a conversation, access that part of it, and receive 6 experience points? And keep doing it? I’m playing the PC version so I wonder if the bug is in mine too.

That is correct- it grays out like other text you have already clicked to speak, but it stays there. I was able to hit it fast enough so that every ten or fifteen seconds I could earn 36-42 points cause it combined the six point xp together as I was doing it faster than it could register the xp

I received some XP for picking a lock or something and reloaded my game right after. After the load I leveled up from the XP and was able to repick the lock for the XP gain again. I haven’t bothered to see if I could exploit that or not but there you go. Note: this was using a quicksave and a quickload.