Fallout 3 is annoying

The kind of annoying when you unload 8 rounds of ammo into someones face and they still keep coming. Body armor , yeah cool but an exposed face makes me see a bit red when the muties dont go down.


What gun are you using?

Ten mil, and the assault rifle when I had ammo.


Are you using VATS?

no, the first person view


If you’ve got a hunting rifle, use that. The 10mm pistol isn’t the worst weapon, but there are better ways to one-shot mutants. It also lets you top up your ammo as you go, since so many mutants use the hunting rifle.

Once you get a few of the good perks (eg Bloody Mess) nice clean headshots will be much more satisfying.

Yea with legs and arms flying off in all directions. I can’t wait for New Vegas, it’s supposed to have a Hardcore mode where everything’s more realistic, i.e. hard!

Wouldn’t you say that one-hit-kill headshots are realistic? The game would be easier!

The game won’t necessarily be easier if YOU can get killed with a single headshot. Then again, it is a game where lights still work (and powered!) 200 years after post apocalyptia started. Cars also blow up with small arms fire. Roaches and ants and scorpions can grow to humongous size.

Realistic for the setting.

When I DM D&D the players I hate the most are the ones who use these arguments.

“No, you can’t do that. It’s quite literally physically impossible. That’s not realistic at all.”

“Oh, sure. And Luis’ character shooting fire out of his hands is totally realistic.”

That being said, know what else they could have done to make it realistic? Used an engine that allowed vehicles. I want some Mad Max style buggy chases!

[mechanic]There’s your problem right there.[/mechanic]

Game balance. It’d be that much harder to balance the game if you could max out your Small Arms component and drop someone with a 10 millimeter round to the face from a football field away.

The .44 works nicely, though.

I’ll start a list that disagrees with you, Munch.

That’s fine. But I’ll just say that if the OP has unloaded 8 rounds “into the face” then I would suggest that his aim with the 10mm is pretty bad, and that if his goal is to drop the mutie, VATS would greatly assist in that.

Yeah - I’d like FO3 to be a bit easier going FPS rather than VATS-only, but it’s not.

If you’re on PC there’s a million mods to address the issue. This is a good one, tinkers with weapons and makes the damage more realistic. If you clip someone in the head with even your 10-mil and you have a decent small guns skill they will die straight away.

Fallout: Wanderer’s Edition is good if you really want to crank up the difficulty and realism - adds the need to eat, drink and sleep, makes radiation much more deadly, ammunition and loot is scarce and expensive (5 caps for one 10mm bullet!), as well as a load more gameplay changes.

I think I can agree with the second point. It’s hard to have “realistic” accuracy when everything is lined up and the shots look and feel like they should all be landing on target.

You’d think blowing a Super Mutant’s skull apart in slow-mo with a hunting rifle would get old, but it just doesn’t.

Those guys are tough I guess. A head injury should affect their combat even if it doesn’t kill them. Superb game, and hardly the only one that suffers from unrealistic damage modelling. In fact it’s hard to name a game that has realistic damage modeling. Soldier of Fortune was in improvement but way over the top.

I think Super Mario Bros. has realistic damage modeling. Stomp on a walking mushroom? It dies. Stomp on a turtle? It dies. Get hit with a fireball? It dies. Turn into a giant then accidentally run into a squid? You shrink down to 1/2 health. Touch it again? You die.


And Pac Man. Touch a ghost, you DIE. But not if you’re on drugs.