Fallout 4 (May be spoilers) Shaw High School

I have been to Shaw High School, The center of the quest, Super Mutant Broadcast.

The gist of it is, a hostage is made to help the Muties make a recording to attract unwary travelers into coming to the Muties for supper.

I cleared the quest and thought no more about it. Then I started on the final stretch to finish the Main story, I ran into a Mutie hunting/scavenging party. There were 4 Uglies and 1 female, probably human. She was definitely in the group walking with them.

When I opened fire the girl turned away and ran. I couldn’t follow being busy.

Since then I have seen a lone figure off in the mist just standing there, and if I look or move in that direction, she takes off running. Three separate times.

She is not a raider, they attack. She doesn’t seem to be a ghoul, ferals attack, regular ghouls aren’t afraid of you. Most other humans will attack or ignore you.

This one runs away. So, anyone else seen her? I figure there is some hokey pokey going on, either that or I am stone cold crazy and didn’t see what I saw. BTW she is very fast it is very hard to get a look at her through a scope. I have only seen her on misty, foggy days. I have a long scope with night vision. Really sucks in bright foggy conditions.

Can’t you just target her with VATS?

She disappears too fast. The only time I was really close enough to try was the initial encounter.
I don’t really want to kill her, she hasn’t done anything but run away.
Mainly I am looking for someone to verify I am totally not talking out my butt. Verify the encounter, and if she is the Shaw High School (Hostage?)
Every time I have seen her has been following a loading screen, going outside into fog/mist. Looking in her direction is all it takes and she takes off, fast enough that I think she is untouchable by design?
Have you seen any character in Fallout 4 that will run away unprovoked?
A second theory would be Synths escaped from the destroyed institute, Still wouldn’t explain the first encounter of a Human in a gang of Super Mutants.

There’s no mention of this in the wikia.

Yeah, I let my imagination get away from me. Evidently Super Mutants attack settlers but don’t kill them immediately. Have broken up several instances of this, the settler will take off the second the Mutie turns attention to you. When I don’t catch them, I will fast travel and they will pop up and run away from a distance. Probably just a glitch that ties them to you for awhile.

Now I am just waiting for the DLC to release, the trailer came out today, everybody seems to expect it next week.

[del]Occam’s[/del] Bethesda’s razor: “among competing hypotheses, the buggiest one should be selected”

I saw the video for the new DLC. Building robots is cool, and I certainly enjoyed it with the Robco Certified mod for Fallout 3. But I’m working on finishing some other games here, like Divinity: Original Sin, and I’d kind of like to let the other Fallout 4 DLC drop before I get sucked into it again.