Fallout 4, Should I Get It?

…for PS4, that is. I don’t have much of a gaming history, but I’ve been having a blast with GTA 5. I bought the PS4 solely for that reason, and I think it was worth it. I don’t play games online- just the story mode.
I enjoy that once GTA 5 is complete, I can still turn it on and just run people over on the sidewalk if I so choose. Or create highway traffic jam chain reaction explosions if I feel like it. The missions were fun, once I figured out how to shoot decently. (Turning my character around and shooting quickly is like a death sentence for me.)
I am now seeing quite a lot of very good reviews of Fallout 4, and I am thinking about downloading it. If the missions are too difficult at first, can I just randomly create mahem like I can in GTA 5? I really don’t know much about the game, except for my character has a dog, which is cool with me.
So with that detailed information, will I like Fallout 4?

Yes, you should get it. I bought my PS4 mainly for the release of F4 and it’s pretty marvellous. Perhaps harder than F3 to specialise your character, sadly. But is beautiful, addictive with plenty of explosive and/or constructive messing-about opportunities.

It’s not as sandboxy as GTAV, but it’s a great game and lots of fun.

I take it you never played Skyrim or Fallout 3(or New Vegas)?

You create a character, wander into a wasteland, and you are free to pursue the storyline or to explore the vast world. Almost everyone explores for hours and hours first. You find a lot to do that way. Some never even pursue the main story, though I always find my way to it eventually.

I don’t have a computer than can run Fallout 4, but it will be my number 1 game to get when I get a new computer some day.

I realized a bit after I posted this that I’m not really right here. It’s sandboxy, just in different ways. Fallout 4 is very sandboxy, just in a more deliberate, exploratory way.

I’d wait until three things happen: the modding tools get updated, the DLC is released, and it goes on sale.

No, I never have. I’ve played Flatout for PS2, which I really dug. I even enjoyed a silly Wii game called Fishing Master- that was a surprise to me, the game was for my stepdaughter. As mentioned, GTA 5 has been entertaining me for like a year and a half now.

Staggerlee: Cool name you have there, your advice has been duly granted proper respect!

Johnny Bravo: What do you mean by sandboxy? That’s not a term I’m familiar with.

Thanks, everyone!

EDit: Gruman, I don’t fiddle with game mods or coding things- I don’t even play online.

I’ve mostly finished up playing it (PS4 version), finished the main quest and visited probably 90% of locations.

It’s a great game, better than Fallout 3 and New Vegas IMO. You can pretty much just wander and explore in whatever manner you like, if something is too hard or frustrating just go somewhere else. FO3 and FO:NV were more constrained by invisible walls and difficulty-spike zones to try and shepherd the player (though they could be awkwardly avoided).

Oh you’re crazy.

That being said, the game is pretty good, but it’s absolutely NOTHING like GTA V. This is an RPG. Your character has stats and abilities. He levels up.

The quests aren’t as good as a lot of other great RPG’s, but they tend to be a more open ended than GTA V’s missions.

It’s a good game, but it’s very different from GTA V. The only main similarity is it’s sandboxy nature, and there Fallout 4 offers a lot more systems than GTA V does. Maybe that’ll be enough to hook you, and hopefully the RPG aspects will open your eyes to an entirely new genre of games.

It is very good, especially so if you haven’t played the other Bethesda games. There is lots and lots to do if you just like exploring and goofing off, and the settlement building sections are great fun if you are the kind of person who likes playing with Legos.

OK, I downloaded Fallout 4 (20 minutes), and it is currently installing. Did the install take a long, real long time for anyone else? There is a kind of introductory video playing, which has stated to loop and replay. For the last half an hour an onscreen display has reported that the install is 1% complete. I don’t think I’m being impatient, the 1% hasn’t even changed to 2%. Should I reboot this bastard?

It’s almost certainly still downloading. Sony’s network sucks balls.

Heh, you’ve got a ways. I bought a physical PS4 copy (and most of it is on the BluRay disc), and the install took much longer than 20 minutes. An actual download is probably going to take a good bit more.

If that’s the case, I have to laugh. The reason is that my PS4 is no longer connected to the internet. I have either my laptop, or the game console hard connected to my router at a time- no wireless. Right now, it’s my laptop. Doh!

Edit: So long for now, I’m reconnecting the PS4.

Thanks to the folks who helped me here. It looks like the install went smoothly once I reconnected to the internet. I thought I only needed to be online to download the file, and that I could install it at my leisure whether or not I was connected. It’s all good now, I believe, and perhaps I’ll turn up in the other Fallout 4 thread.