"Family Circus" diminished my view of humanity today

I mean, I stopped being amused by that comic around the age of nine, and I have all but ignored it for many years. Why today of all days did I decide to glance at what Billy had to say to his ailing sister?

Here’s the caption, exactly: “Just so you know, if your too sick to go to school, Mommy’s gonna say your too sick to watch TV.”

The first “your” rolled my eyes. What this? An egregious typo in a comic? That’s a crack editing team right there. Bravo!

Then my refocused eyes get assaulted by yet another “your” that has no business being there! Gah!

Look, I know English is all, like, hard and stuff. We can forgive all manner of typos and grammatical errors by amateurs who are blithely broadcasting their literary drivel such as I’m doing right now, but if you’re going to write simple captions for a nationally syndicated comic strip, please abide by the fundamental rules of English usage expected from the average seventh-grader. Double gah!

By the way, if you’re reading this and still don’t know what the problem is, shame on you.

I don’t get it; what’s you’re problem?


Maybe your over-reacting.

It does appear to originate with the master release. Many newspapers do - or used to - reset the captions for single-panel cartoons and I could see one doing so.

But, y’know, if THIS is what made FC diminish your view of humanity… I don’t think you’ve been paying attention. Even the FC website is annoying (go look).

Obligatory reference to the one place that can make the Family Circus bearable.

Now I’m eager to find out if Billy’s sister makes it!

Billy’s only supposed to be, what, seven years old? He doesn’t appreciate these grammatical distinctions yet.

My view of humanity was diminished beginning when an instructor in medical school regularly used “Family Circus” as a teaching tool.

“Who forgot their fourth-grade English lessons, and used ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, not once, but twice, in today’s strip?”

“Not Me!”

I did go look. Your rite.

But I found a funny comic! It was a “Bizarro” take-off tucked in the “Files” section. Two men are peering through the bushes at the family having dinner. The men discover the reason behind their popularity, their longevity, the fact that they don’t age. They are dining with Satan!

I like it! It’s not “the one place” though. There is another.

For the win.

The Comics Curmedgeon noticed too.

I’ve notified comic strip artists before to tell them about their typos. Someone should do the same with this guy.

What’s next for grammar nazis?

Your up.

Your fiting a loosing battle, sun.

“Ida Know!” :smiley:

I’d like to know what newspaper was involved in the OP. My newspaper, the South Bay Daily Breeze in Torraance, CA, printed the caption with the words spelled properly.
On another topic dragged into this thread: The enduring popularity of Family Circus being what it is, I’d say that those who criticize it are the ones who want “edgy” content in comic strips; they are bigoted against newspaper readers who don’t want “edgy” content.

Well, irregardless of that fact…

Comma splice?