Family Feud getting nasty.

This had to be deliberate. In the past they used medical terms for naughty results in the survey.

I gotta admit, I LMAO at this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

The youtube at the end of the article is a must see for the shocked older lady’s reaction.

So what were answers 1, 4, and 5? I’m guessing “stewardess” was one of them.

1 was coffee. Its amazing that no one said that one.

I’m pretty sure that schlong was still a euphemism for what was actually said. I always thought euphemism use was standard. I don’t remember penis being one of the answers before, for example.

In that case, I think it would cause less embarrassment to use the real word than a euphamism. Seeing “his penis” up there would be more likely than seeing “his cock”.

1 was coffee, 4 was another person, 5 was book or magazine. So yep, you’re right.

Schlong is a euphamism, though perhaps not the best choice.

I would have been reacting to penis being an answer, not just the choice of the word.

Reading that article, I also learned that a rabbit punch is aimed at the back of the neck. I didn’t know that.

I saw the Jeopardy! episode that said Donkey Punch, and I didn’t know the inside joke. But there was some obvious editing

I do remember a Jeopardy! category Also A Body Part and the answeer gave a picture of CHINchilla. One of the contestants gave the question “What is a Titmouse” again, with giggles from audience edited out.

I’m surprised only 3 people said it. And I loved that one lady’s response.

Am I imagining it or did this trend start when Steve Harvey became the host? :dubious:

Schlong isn’t a euphemism. It’s a Yiddish word.

So he got caffeined up, made a grab for the stewardess, got slapped, picked up a magazine and went to work.

Family Feud has always had its racy comments from contestants, and Richard Dawson had a history of being a bit grabby with the female contestants, but this is the first I’ve seen them actually put something like that on the board.

Not the choice of words I would have used, but funny all the same :eek::smiley:

I prefer “schwanzstucker.”

And use of foreign words in a context that doesn’t make sense is very often used as a euphemism. Compare saying cojones for balls or derrière for butt or ass.

“Schlong” isn’t out of context. It means the same in Yiddish as it does in English, which is to say, a vulgar euphemism for “penis”. I certainly wouldn’t use “schlong” in polite company. Of course, I doubt I’d be referring to anyone’s penis in polite company, but I especially wouldn’t use “schlong”.

I saw an episode a few months ago where the question was something like “Name something you put in your mouth but don’t swallow” and the contestant answered “semen.”

It wasn’t on the board.

I was surprised by the article as well. I’d have answered “Donkey” to the Jeopardy clue as well - I’ve always heard “Rabbit punch” to mean a kidney blow.


I thought this thread was going to be about my Feuds here on the board!