Family Feud: survey said liverwurst but they didn't get credit for saying liver sausage


i say unfair


ETA - we used the terms interchangeably when I was growing up and still do.

It’s Family Feud, one of the unique things about family feud is that the answers are based on a survey. (“The survey says”) If they didn’t use the words interchangeably for the survey then it’s fair to not use them for the game. If it was Jeopardy I think it would be different.

I say unfair. They’re clearly referring to the same thing.

I’m gonna go unfair. I’ve never seen a liver sausage OTHER THAN liverwurst / braunschweiger. If there existed a bratwurst-type, single-serving liver sausage, I’d go the other way, but in this reality, liverwurst = liver sausage.

Absolutely unfair, I will not accept any counter arguments.

Thing is, Family Fued usually does employ “fuzzy matching,” sometimes generously so. I can’t imagine any reason why liver sausage would not be interchangeable with liver wurst on their survey.

What was the question?

And they do usually allow considerable latitude in matching up answers.

I don’t know how it works exactly, but I think the “fuzzy matching” is still based on the survey. If 10 people say Liverwurst and 10 say Liver Sausage they may put them together and have the combined answer worth 20. However if 20 people say Liverwurst and 0 people say Liver Sausage, giving points for Liver Sausage defeats the purpose of the game.

Hot dogs vs frankfurters, I could see.
Garbanzos vs chickpeas, I could see, too.
But liverwurst and liver sausage is a very similar term for a particular item.

Could you clarify your position on the issue?

I thought garbanzos and chickpeas were exactly the same thing.

The question was name a phrase that starts with the word “liver”, so now that I think about it maybe yeah when it’s phrased like that I can see the judges’ reasoning but I still don’t like it

Dude, that changes the entire argument. Completely fair.

Edit : And what were the other answers? Liver & onions? Liver…transplant?

Dammit, PSXer. This is why I generally try to avoid blanket pronouncements like the above. It seems like every time I do, there’s an outside case I miss, and I would say yours counts. “Liver sausage” !- “liverwurst” in the phrasing of your question, unless when they were counting the survey they lump it all in the one.

BTW, how many phrases start with “liver?” I’m struggling to think of any beyond liverwurst/liver sausage. Liver dumplings? This sounds like a triple round question with about three or four answers on the board, but I can’t think of any other answers.

it was in fast money. both guys said liver sausage first and the second guy also came up with Liverpool. And Steve Harvey and the audience were unfairly laughing at them ebcause they hadn’t heard of “liver sausage”

yeah I was premature in my judgment I didn’t think about the wording of the question until someone mentioned it in this topic sorry guys

Ah, “liver spots” is another one I just thought of.

liver disease

Liver with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti.

Liver lips