Steaks vs. Hamburgers: The Great Family Feud Fiasco

Just got done watching a travesty, a fraud, a sham, a boondoogle and a fiasco on the syndicated show, “Family Feud” starring Louie Anderson.

In the final lightning round, the first of 2 family members was asked to name something that you would bring to a picnic. The woman said “Hamburgers”.

After she was finished, her family had about 149 points. Then her sister or whatever came up. She was told to answer, but it could not duplicate the first answer.

When asked what she would bring to a picnic, She said “steaks”, not a bad answer.

After she was done with the other answers, Louie told her that she had to CHANGE HER ANSWER BECAUSE IT WAS A DUPLICATE!

At the last minute, and with no time to come up with something better, she said “drinks”.

As you can impagine, instead of getting 200 points, her family only gets 173 because of the rip off!

Since when are “hamburgers” and “steaks” the same thing? What are Family Feud’s researchers- IDIOTS?

And wouldn’t you think that the 700 pound plus Louie Anderson, who OBVIOUSLY knows a lot about food, if you know what I mean, would know the difference as well?

Anyone know who I can write to at FF about this horrible miscarriage of justice?

Hardly a debate, let alone a Great Debate.

I think all here would agree that a steak is not a hamburger.

Off to the pit??

Zev Steinhardt

So, the great debate here is . . . “Is Family Feud an idiotic show?” No, no debate there.

Or could it be . . . should admitting you watch Family Feud automatically get you banned from SDMB? and if not, then surely, admitting that it gets you mad enough to post to GD should get you banned.

What is hamburger, if not chopped steak? – A1 1:3

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Sending this off to IMHO.

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To say hamburger is the same as steak is like saying orange slices are the same as orange juice. It is not so. With food stuffs form is everything. Mashed potatoes are not baked potatoes. Sausage is different from pork chops. They clearly screwed the pooch on that one.

That being said, to me Family Feud is simply an upscale version of the Springer show. Both have hill-billies way over-excited for what they are experiencing, jumping around and blathering, but at least FF avoids the cursing and fighting for the most part. In general, though, both show involve idiotic questions and answers such as:

Louie - “Name a fruit you can squeeze.”
Hill Billy 1 - " a Walnut!"
Family - “Good Answer! Good Answer!”
Audience - Massive hooting, hollering, and applause.

or on Springer
Jerry - “Have you been sleeping with anyone else since you’ve been married?”
Hill Billy 1 (Fem) - “Just Billy Joe Jim Bob’s brother billy.”
Hill Billy 2 (Billy Joe Jim Bob) - “I don’t have a brother, unless you mean that goat my folks raised up with me.”
Hill Billy 1 - “That’s the one. He’s more sensitive than you. He cares about me. He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be…”
Audience - Massive hooting, hollering, and applause.

Just an observation.

While I can hardly dispute the idiocy of the Family Feud, I just don’t see the “travesty of justice” you refer to.

Example: they survey 100 people, asking what they’d bring to a picnic. 25 say “steaks”, 25 say “hamburgers”.

case a: steaks = hamburgers

The FF staff decide these are the same thing. So when woman #1 says “hamburgers”, she gets 50 points. Woman #2 is flustered, so she says “drinks” and gets 0. Total score on that question: 50 points.

case b: steaks != hamburgers

The FF staff hires someone from the outside world, who informs them that steaks and hamburgers, while from the same animal, are different foods. Woman #1 gets 25 points, woman #2 gets 25 points. Total score on that question: 50 points.

I think the real travesty of justice is that Louie Anderson is still gainfully employed, despite his bizarre appearance and horrible unfunniness.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

For years I have maintained this position. Ever after I ascertained this (which was pretty much the first time I saw him do stand-up), I watched an HBO special of his with a bunch of friends. Nobody (in the room) laughed. This was probably 10 years ago. I’m glad to see that somebody I don’t even know agrees…

Regarding the OP, I’d have to guess that they considered all different types of meat the same answer. I’ve seen similar situations on the old (i.e. with Richard Dawson) show.

Don’t be silly. There are situations in which a person could have a legitimate reason to watch Family Feud. Such as when you are convinced that you have the most embarrassing family on earth. Or to prepare yourself for a visit with your in-laws. Or even just to convince yourself that your life could be worse.

Of course the show is silly, but I’ve often wondered the same thing about the problem posted in the OP.

Steaks are never hamburgers, and never will be, in spite of the fact that Swanson Dinners calls their hamburger meals “Salisbury Steak.” But of those hundred people surveyed, how many said hamburgers, how many said steaks, and how many said beef or meat for the barbecue or similar? The judges must group certain responses into a single response somehow, and this is probably what happened.

Of course, what we really need is a survey that asks, “Out of hundred Family Feud big prize winners, how many can jump up and down while squeezing their head?” Seems to me that there would only be one answer: 100.