family feud funny.

last night on the family feud, the question was, “name something in the house that you never clean under but should”

So the first guy say refrigerator, and it’s up there.

The second guy goes, “washing machine” and they kind of laughed at him. It wasn’t up there.

They get a couple more answers (couch, stove) and a couple more strikes, so they get back around to the second guy.

“name something in the house that you never clean under but should.”

“uhhh. . .washing machine” (the audience laughed out loud at him)

The host tells him, “that’s already been said. try something different.”

“the dryer”



Why is that not a valid guess? It hadn’t been said, appliances had been established as a legitimate answer, and I’d wager that they’re dirtier underneath than washers are.

well, the main funny is that he said it TWICE.

And then, he went with dryer, which isn’t going to be there if washing machine isn’t.

It’s not necessarily a good guess because usually they’re in your basement, or tucked in side-by-side in some alcove where you never would even care about cleaning under.

I saw the episode a few months ago and thought the same thing. I’ve seen much worse though. The question was, name something a person would take off at night before going to sleep. The obvious came up, eye glasses, shoes, clothes, etc. With one answer left, the last guy can’t think of anything and says “tacos”. Even the host stopped and looked at him odd. Another good one was "name something found in a bakery. First person says bread which is on the board. Second person says rolls, which wasn’t up there. Must have been those new low-carb no bread rolls.

I guess I can see that. I’m a bit jaded, as I had to spend one summer watching Family Feud ALL DAY LONG compiling data for a games theory professor for a part-time job. I’ve seen REALLY bad answers. (And I still say “dryer” has a higher chance of being on the board than “washer” - and therefore a solid guess.)

I don’t get it. The guy made a reasonable guess which happened to not be on the board. Uh, how’s this funny?

Yeah. And if a guess is reasonably close to another, the judges discount it and let you go again. Since the judges didn’t give him a second shot, “rolls” are decidedly different than “bread”.

Man, I sure am anal today, eh? Sorry.

The other day I saw this…

Name a city that has a song written about it.

Texas (as in the stars at night are big and bright) - Nope

Oklahoma (O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A) - Nope

The funny thing was the whole family thought both these answers were great and were disappointed that they weren’t there.

I guess they don’t know the difference between city and state.

Did anyone say:

Their foreskin?
Their mattress?
Their dog’s tail?
The wall to wall carpeting?
The foundation (Can you say rayon)?

Ooh! Ooh! How about Dust in the Wind?

Uh, didn’t say it was funny now did I?
Munch, you are right, it was different enough, just struck me as odd since I lump the two in the same category. The host commented on this after he got nothing for it.

Funniest Family Feud answer ever (said during the speed round at the end):

Q: Name an instrument a doctor uses.
A: A violin!!

:rolleyes: :smack:

Romaine lettuce!

I saw one where a guy answered “Turkey” to all of the questions in the final round.

He was right on one of them.

I still think the funniest Family Feud response was to the question “Name a place a pirate hides his treasure.”

To which the response was :

Now obviously the guy just came up with the first word he could think of that had to do with pirates’ treasure. But basically he was suggesting a likely place for a pirate to hide his treasure is up his ass…

I realize it’s in oppposition to the whole point of the game but I think the guy should have gotten some point for probable historical accuracy :smiley: .

Name something red?


To no one’s surprise it wasn’t there.

No, the best Family Feud answer was this:

In the final round, the question was “Name something that Queen Elizabeth would keep in her purse.”

The guy answered, “her crown!”

Richard Dawson started laughing so hard that they had to stop the timer for a full minute to let him be able to speak.

You have rayon under your house? Me, I prefer a natural foundation, preferably cotton or maybe wool if the weather tends to be cooler.

(I’m assuming you meant to say “radium”.)

Or more likely radon, perhaps?


I was just about to post about that myself. He didn’t say turkey to all five questions, but four of them, and it was actually on point for one of them, and got one or two points on two of the others. It was the most surreal thing.

“Name a meat you eat on a sandwich.”
“Name something white.”
“Name a country in the south of Europe”
“Name something you might find on a farm.”