Stupid Family Fued answers

It’s the non-scripted brain fart nature of these that makes them so funny to me. I’ve got a book that lists a few which reminded me of this one contestant who was doing Fast Money with Richard Dawson whose answers went something like this:

What do men use to cover the fact that they are bald?

Name something you take a bath with.
A duck.

Something you put in tea:
A spoon.

At which point Richard started laughing and could not stop.

Here’s a few from the book I have:

Name a fruit that is yellow.
An orange.

Name a famous bridge.
The bridge over troubled waters.

Name something that flies.
A bicycle with wings.

heehee. People under pressure are funny.

Name a month that pregnant women start to show.

This was another one which Richard couldn’t stop laughing.

I must be losing my mind, because the first three make sense to me (although I can see as how they wouldn’t be high point answers on Family Feud).

Well, the first one doesn’t make that much sense, but they do sell that spray-on hair stuff on late-night TV.

A rubber duckie is one of the things that might go in the bath with you, although maybe they were looking for the medium of the bath – like bubbles, mud, sun, etc?

And a spoon is the only thing I would put in my tea!

[sub]I guess this means none of you guys are going to invite me to join you on Family Feud![/sub]

Which class reunion has the largest number of attendees?

And that amazing clip from the British show where the first three questions were:

Name something you take to the beach.
What’s the first thing you buy in a grocery store.
Name a food that is stuffed.

One guy answered all three and proved he is a real “turkey.”

Name something you would find in a birdcage
A Hamster.

Richard began to lose it and said “With a big smile on it’s face, no doubt”.

I saw this. It’s SO funny, Dawson just loses it because he’s laughing so hard. That poor woman had to feel like the dumbest person on the planet.

“Name a noisy bird.”
“Uh… uh… uh… CHIPMUNK!”

In your Tea: Sugar, Lemon, Milk (but not both in the same cuppa), Honey if asked for five I might say a spoon.

In your Tea: Sugar, Lemon, Milk (but not both in the same cuppa), Honey. If asked for five thingsI might put in me tea I would say a spoon.

I seem to recall a FF where the question was “Where does a pirate hide his treasure.”

And someone, I’m assuming coming up with the first pirate related word they could think of answered “Booty”.
Well yes, that would be one place you could put your treasure.

Name a famous Willie
Willie the Pooh.

I once saw a Celebrity Family Feud with Roseanne Barr. She was asked: Name something you do in your sleep. Her reply:
“I don’t know, pass gas?”

Name an animal with three letters in its name

That was round one. Round two:

Name an animal with three letters in its name