Family Guy Help For A Uk Person Please Help

family guy can someone tell me is it. Muffy is a family guy or but he is a family guy. And stewie is he adorable or wha???

I think I’ll choose. . . Wha???

I think: Muffy is a family guy or but

Noooooooo sorry i meant what lol
see in the beginning when they sing the song. what exactly are the words ?
<something> is a family guy ???

London i have to agree but the guys name is peter so where the hell do they get “Muffy” from ??

Okay, Muffy is Peter. Is that the quantum leap we needed to make ?

next time it comes on, turn on captions. :slight_smile:

Ah, Pain (my son) has done some major translating here. The words to The Family Guy theme are “But he is a family guy.”

I figured I’d do my part since the Tigress did not post in all caps this time.


I think it’s:

Excellent work, angel. That just leaves Muffy, Stewie and Peter and I can go to bed.

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