Family Guy Star Wars? How did I miss this!

Here is a preview of a Family Guy Star Wars special that aired at some Star Wars celebration. (Youtube link, and crummy quality, too…but still hilarious!)

Does anyone else have any more information on this? I haven’t heard a thing, but then, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do watch adult swim, and I would think they would advertise this, even if it was going to be on Fox.

it’s THIS season’s opener.

That’s going to be so freakin’ sweet. Anyone knows when it airs?

As one who thinks the new episodes haven’t been that great, I gotta say, that was really funny!

What does peter say at 4:29? Judging by the comments, apparently im not the only one who cant hear it.

Epguides says September 23rd.

What a pity the canned laughter drowns out everything. I stopped watching very quickly.

It isn’t “canned” laughter- that’s a live audience watching.

What Peter says at 4:29 is “WHOOOOSH!”

Here’s the Simpsons opener, SW-style.

That’s pretty good. If that was done in Flash, that’s some of the most fluid Flash animation I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t, it’s still pretty good.

Not bad, but too many inconsistencies. So maggie is R2-D2…but then Lisa is C3-PO AND R2-D2? Then R2 is the TV? And it’s Grandpa as Obi-Wan instead of Marge at the grocery store, and then instead of Marge and Maggie driving, it’s Ned and Barney (as Han and Chewie?)

No, C-3PO and R2-D2 are themselves…which is actually even more confusing.