Family Guy

Can anyone tell me what happened to the Fox show Family Guy? Everyone I know loved this show, and I think it was getting good ratings. Fox put it on hiatus, I think, for some reason. But now they don’t even list it on their website as one of their shows. What’s the deal?

The ratings tanked. And some of the later episodes were awful (the Y2K one, for instance). Fox let it die after that.

The cry whenever a show is cancelled due to low ratings. :slight_smile:

Au contraire, my friend:

The last speculation I heard was that it would come back sometime after February sweeps were safely over. 'Course, it is already mid-March…

Not a definitive answer, but I had read on a web site somewhere that it would be back sometime in June. I’m afraid don’t remember which site I read that on, though.

A USA Today article from last year said that FOX was keeping some episodes of “Family Guy” around in case of a writer’s strike that would eliminate much of the original programming available to them.

In such an event, I plan to catch up on a lot of reading.

I’m really hoping this show comes back, I like it better than sub[/sub] The Simpsons.

Last year, before the show went on, uh, “vacation”, there was a report that KISS was to appear. Now, THAT, I’ve got to see.

The email I sent to Fox asking this question was answered by telling me that the show will return this coming Fall.