Family on the Dope

I just wanted to say hello and YEAH to my sister in law who posted for the first time today. So hi to Figimingle . And also to my brother, NameAlreadyTaken .

A side note - my other half changed his name today. So, MLC is now Misery Loves Co . Now my name makes even more sense. :slight_smile:

If we keep this up, the family won’t need phones anymore, we can just talk on the Dope. Any other Doper Families out there?

So do we have family arguments here (MPSIMS) or in the pit? Maybe Great Debates?

husband, brother, sister-in-law, sister, all on, at least occasionally. And it is all epeepunk’s fault (my husband, that is). He got me started, then we got my brother started, then my brother got his wife and our sister started… it is indidious, infectious… and not altogether bad.

Okay, and I credit WallyM7, God rest his soul, because the description of his glorious posts (oh, for such grace in the Pit) was what made me want to check this place out. I overlapped with him for maybe a few weeks, never interacted with him directly, and I still miss him.


I think the pit would be most appropriate, m’self. Especially if we can get some more members involved.

I definately think the Pit given my tendency towards colorful language…

Misery Loves Co is the one that started this for all of us. Actually, my dad was always a huge straight dope fan when the column ran in his local paper. So, NameAlreadyTaken and I grew up on Cecil Adams. Then MLC reintroduced us a few years back.