Famous Foreign Rich Owning US Property

I never hear it mentioned how the foreign rich are living it up in the USA. Like…Is Sir Elton John, for one, [already living tax-free under the (fictitious) service of the Queen], paying up? Is there a way to get a factual answer to whether or not these untouchable rich dudes are paying their fair share of property taxes and SSN taxes on their employed help?

{I know, I know…go down to the tax office with their file number, take a seat, and someone will be glad to help put me off.} :rolleyes:

Wait, Elton John works for the Queen? Just be glad the USA doesn’t have non-domiciled tax status like we do.

Where did you get the idea that Elton John is “living tax-free?” Perhaps you’re right about that, but I’d love to see a cite.

Elton pays taxes. He may not pay enough, or he may pay too much, but he pays taxes.

Taxes on income, including capital gains, may be easy to avoid or reduce in various ways if you are among the super-rich, but how do you avoid taxes on real property?

In this instance you dont, even if real property is held by a corporation it still incurs sales taxes.

Typically, entertainers and athletes pay state income taxes in the states that they perform in. It’s not a secret that they are there, and the state takes notice and will follow up if they do not remit taxes for their time while working in their respective states. I would assume that the IRS is no different. If Elton John is in Kansas performing a concert and getting paid, then the federal government and the State of Kansas is going to expect their fair share.

Here in Orange County California, there is a very rich guy who owns about 15 acres of land. Many of these acres are covered in orange trees. From what I have been told, he claims these acres are being used for “agriculture” and thus the property taxes are much lower on them. While these tree are being irrigated, they are never harvested. The oranges just drop to the ground.

I’m not saying he is avoiding his property taxes completely, but he is reducing them a great deal with his sham orange tree plantation.

Is his land covered under the Williamson Act? If so, selling the land other than agricultural is a slow process with back taxes and interests. AFAIK.

It’s pretty hard to avoid paying taxes on real property.

The county just puts a lien against the property, and collects that when the property is sold (plus penalties). If it goes on long enough, or gets big enough, the county can seize the land and sell it at a tax-forfeit auction, and take their past-due taxes from that.

It might take a while, but they can wait – the county government is still going to be there. And it isn’t like they can move the land or anything.

Snowbirds (Canadians who spend winters in the warmth of Florida or Arizona) are constantly warned that if they spend too much time in the USA they will be subject to taxes.

See: http://www.canadianlawsite.ca/vacationing-us.htm

If Elton and friend spend more than 183 days in the USA, or close to that over 3 years, they pay taxes like any resident. Even if he spends most of his time under the queen, he still pays taxes on income earned in the USA.

There are tricks to reduce taxes, but basically I bet Elton payed more to the IRS the last year or two than most of us earn in a year. A lot more.

And I agree too - there is no way to escape local property taxes, including the one mentioned in the link. The only exemptions I can think of would be churches and consulates, and maybe Indian Resrvations, none of which is Sir John.

AHHHHHHHHHHH, Mister Wilson!

are church and school land (land, not improvements) taxed in the US?