Famous Last Words

I feel like this should go in MPSIMS, but I am not really sure. Whatever…

No, this is not about the last words of dead people. This is a thread speculating on what the living will say on their death bed. Hopefully It will be fun…

Rules: Should be technically alive. Preferably well known, but can be someone only you know, I don’t give a crap.

All right, now for my humble addition:

Hugh Hefner: “Now I wish I spent more days in the office.”



Lieutenant Columbo: “Just one last questio, sir…”

Bush Jnr “Oh what the hell, one more pretzel isn’t going to hurt me …”

Ted Kennedy: “Hah! You finally got me, you…ah…Bastard!”
Little Richard: “Ain’t nobody gonna give me credit for doin’ this first!”
O.J.: “Looks like someone else is gonna have to track down the *REAL * killer now!”
Ross Perot: “Wait, wait! Can I finish? Can I finish?”

Me: “It’s a fair cop.”

She said she loved me like a brother. That’s great, cause she’s from Mississippi!

Miss Cleo: “I knew it.”

Andy Rooney: “Have you ever noticed that when people are dying they always-- GURK!”

Ricky Martin: “Now I’m dyin’ la muerte loca.”

Will Shortz: “What’s a six-letter word for ‘pass away’?”

Regis Philbin: “That’s my final answer.”

Mrs. Alex Trebeq: “Alex, you’re dying.” Alex: “Could you state that as a question, please?”

Steven Speilberg: “Cut! That’s a wrap!”

(come on, you knew this next one was coming)

Ah-nuld: “I’ll be back”

This makes me wonder what Harpo Marxs’ last words were?

ANY Redneck: “Hey Y’all! Watch this!!”

Me: “In leu of flowers, vote libertarian!”

Here’s a story Groucho told:


At a gangsta rap party: “I love the police”.

August 2001: “I rate Enron, Global Crossing and KMart as all buys”.


Al Gore: “Of course I’m going to Heaven! I created God!”

Wildest Bill: Gotcha Ya!

“Captain, Come here! I found something!” – Ensign Jimmy on the original “Star Trek”

Ron Goldman: “Say, aren’t you O.J. Simp…”

[sub]sorry, couldn’t resist[/sub]

“Oh yeah? You and what army…”

  • Osama Bin Laden