Famous people who have entered same-sex marriages

I’m talking about “officially recognized/legal unions” (if only, as in California, for a limited time only).
Rosie O’Donnell- she and her partner have married in Vermont and in San Francisco.
John Inman (Britcom star bka “Mr. Humphreys”- survived by his ‘husband of 2 years/partner of 35’ upon his death last week)

Jillian Armenante- bka the court reporter Donna on Judging Amy= married her partner in Denmark, Vermont, California and Canada. (I know her partner’s sister, who said the family finally told her “Look, we support you… but you’re *NOT GETTING ANY MORE WEDDING GIFTS!”.)

Gerry Studds (long ago Congressmen/underage page sex scandal figure whose name was revolved during the Foley mess)- married his partner of 15 years shortly before his death in Massachusetts.


The very cute John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack on Doctor Who and Torchwood, was joined in “civil partnership” to architect Scott Gill last year in Wales. They’ve been together for 16 years.

A gay marriage thread with no mention of Elton John? Shocking!

In January of this year, Alan Cumming married his partner in London.


legal marriage? Hmmm- did Ellen deGeneris and Anne Heche have the chance to get one? Or Ellen and Portia deRossi?

I’m almost sure Melissa Etheridge and her lady have married somewhere.

I believe Melissa Etheridge married her partner in San Francisco.


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IDGAS about the Leafs. Chaqu’un à son goût.

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Neither of their Wikipedia articles mention it, although that certainly isn’t definitive. The couple had a commitment ceremony in 2003 but I don’t know if they registered as domestic partners at any point.

A recent thread mentioned that Portia and Ellen are doing it and that Portia put some pressure on her. True? Who knows.

Darren Hayes, formerly of Savage Garden, is in a civil partnership. It was announced on his site last year, but I can’t find the page now. Here’s the Wiki link.

Stephen Gately is an irish pop star who married his man last year.

Syndicated radio astrologer Darrell Martinie, “The Cosmic Muffin”, and his husband were the first gays to take out a marriage license in my town. Although the Muffin has since passed away, his widower keeps up their tradition of most over-the-top Christmas lighting in an over-the-top neighborhood, and not just on Christmas either.