Famous people who went to your otherwise unheralded school

Some people attend Harvard, Yale or Stanford. This thread is not for them. Famous people are supposed to go to those schools. This thread is for those of us who went to second, third, or lower tier schools. Your state schools, small private colleges, what have you. Did anyone famous go there? I am mostly thinking of people who are still living.

I’ll start.

I atttended The State University of New York at Buffalo . We have Miramax films boss Harvey Weinstein, actor Peter Riegert (best know for his role in Animal House) , and editorial cartoonist Tom Toles.

Well, what would you expect from a school that has a college named for Millard Fillmore ?

How about high school?

Steven Spielberg went to my school and hated it.

Yes, sorry. I meant to mention high schools were fine too.

I went to two high schools and AFAIK no one even remotely famous went to either of them.

Undergrad at UC Santa Barbara: Michael Douglas

Grad at Drew University (New Jersey): Soon-Yi Previn; James van der Beek (the latter didn’t graduate)

Jesse Ventura went to my high school. He was a senior when I was a sophomore. He was Jim Janos then…tall, skinny guy on the swim team. Lettered three years in a row.

Phil Alden Robinson (director of “Field of Dreams”) went to my college, along with one president (Chester Alan Arthur) and maybe another (Jimmy Carter claimed so, but there is no record, since he was in a special program for Navy training and not a regular student).

Madonna: St. Andrew (elementary) School, Rochester, MI. (She started the year after I left.) St. Andrew closed as a parish school some time in the 1970s, then was re-opened as Holy Family Regional Elementary School at some later date (1980s?).

Pam Eldred, Miss America, 1970, was (I believe) a graduate of Mercy College, Detroit, where I took a couple of courses a couple of years later.

I never met either of them, although I knew a guy who went out on a date with Ms. Eldred and my kid brother was one year ahead of Madonna, so probably encountered her on the playground.

Al Gore, Sr.

Al Gore, Jr. teaches here.

Aimee Mann (singer) went to my high school. She only went there for her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. My mom was apparently really good friends with her; she has quite a few old pictures of the two of them.

I went to Sam Houston State U and so did Dan Rather.

The best known but far from famous person who went to school with me was actually expelled from my HS but went on to the University of Michigan and became, among other things, Christopher Reeve’s personal physician after his horrible accident.

Rick Husband, Commander of the Columbia, received a MA from California State University, Fresno in 1990.

He apparently took a Fresno State sweatshirt with him on the flight and was scheduled to come back this spring and present it to the school.

San Francisco State University:
Annette Bening, Johnny Mathis, Danny Glover, and David Carradine.

Actors Matthew McConaughey and Forest Whitaker went to my high school.

That’s all I know off the top of my head. Is there any place one can look up famous people by their school (besides IMDb)?

I briefly attended a horrible little fresh water college in Southern Missouri. Actually, they threw my sorry butt out of there after one semester. They constantly told everyone that Robert Cummings, a really cheesy 1950s TV and grade B movie actor was an alumni–and the only one they bragged about. I attended, and twice graduated from, one of the great public universities with too many distinguished graduates to list.

My university is distinguished in Australia, but hardly well-known outside this country, so I guess it counts as “unheralded”.

Anyway, Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia, attended my uni. He is reputed to have set a record in yard glass drinking (that’s beer drinking from a very long glass with a big bulb at the end) at the uni tavern.

Matt Groening (creater of The Simpsons), Michael Richards (Kramer on Seinfeld) and I all went to The Evergreen State College. It’s no coincidence that the Simpsons live on Evergreen Terrace.

And WNBA player Kate Starbird went to the same high school I did.

Well, naturally. Isn’t that how you become Prime Minister of Australia?
[sub]Oh, I’m gonna hear it for that one.[/sub]

Former Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John D. Ryan and former U.S. Senator Guy M. Gillette both graduated from my high school. Neither is well known any more, but used to be.

Jerry Cantrell (of Alice in Chains fame) went to my high school. He preceded my friends and I by about 10 years, but we have the old yearbooks to prove it.