Famous classmates

Derek Lowe, Boston Red Sox pitcher; Edsel Ford high School, Dearborn, MI; class of '92.
He was actually in the grade ahead of me, but I was on the baseball team with him for two and a half weeks my junior year (before I quit like the idiot child I was). Just thought I’d mention this on the heels of his series-winning save against the As tonight. :slight_smile:

So, anyone else go to school with anyone who’s gone on to some degree of notoriety?

OK, I’ll bite.

Susanna Hoffs, lead singer of The Bangles.

Kiki Vandeweghe, former NBA star and currently general manager of the Denver Nuggets.

Both in the same high school graduating class as me.

Andy Reid, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles was 1 year behind me when we were in Jr. High and High School.

While reading his biography, I found out that we attended BYU at the same time too. Wonder how I missed that at the time. I went to the football games. Honest, I did.

In junior high school, one of my classmates was Suzanne Crough, who played Tracy on The Partridge Family.

At the time (1977), she was also working on the TV series Mulligan’s Stew.

I think I said “Hi” to her once or twice.

Mike Holmgren and Tobias Wolf went to my high school.

According to rumor, Charles Manson did, too, but I haven’t seen anything to back that up.

Closest I’ve come is a woman named Lisa Akey.

She’s done a few made for TV movies, had a role on Frasier, The New Love Boat and The Sentinal.

Emilio Estevez
(and to a lesser degree, I guess) Actor Lee Arenberg.

Same grad class

Um, let’s see…I went to college with Megan Morrone (knew her in passing). And I worked for a summer with Marc Blucas (it was while I was in college, so I’ll count him).

High school classmate: Susan Dey (The Partridge Family, L.A. Law), and BTW, her older sister was actually better-looking.

College classmates: Lisa Hallaby (a.k.a. Queen Noor of Jordan), Bill Frist (Senate Majority Leader)

Well, he didn’t go to my high school, but as struggling pimply faced athletes trying to not embarass ourselves or our slightly trashy school too badly, the good Lord thought it would be funny to give one of our competitors in track and field a runner named Carl Lewis…So, although I didn’t know it, I ran with the one-time fastest man in the world.

My BIL graduated with a short little guy named James Osterberg. The year book picture’s a hoot.

As for my school, I’m pretty sure I’m the most famous person from there. And by fame, I’m referring to my presence on this board!

I went to college with Mark Mathabane, author of the books Kafir Boy and Kafir Boy in America. Kafir Boy in America (a whine-fest if ever there was one) has a whole chapter about my college and the year the student government election was rigged, like anyone gives a crap. Kafir Boy, on the other hand, is considered a modern day classic and is the story of Mark’s life under apartheid in South Africa.

My High School football team played against Doug Fluitie and Todd Collins, and maybe Rob Conrad.

Zack Braff - The guy from Scrubs.
He is 3 years older than me, but we did go to the same High School, He graduated in my sisters class.

Lauryn Hill
Also 3 years older than I am, but didn’t graduate on time I think because she was filming Sister Act 2, She was actually in Brownies (pre-girl scouts) and my mother was the leader.

a few others from my high school…

Andrew Shue, Elizabeth Shue, Max Weinberg, Roy Scheider

I think there may even be a few more that I forget about right now…

and in a few years… there will be…Merge
I am not sure for what yet, but I will be famous…

My high school days are not yet so far behind me that I can name anyone famous that I actually went to school with. I do have some elementary school friends who are quasi-famous, but not anyone you’d recognize by name.

I got kicked around between four different high schools, and all but one had a decent-sized list of notable alumnii. Off the top of my head, I can think of: Mos Def, Thelonious Monk, two of the Beastie Boys, Lucy Liu, James Cagney, Tim Robbins and the drummer from Lucious Jackson.

I went to a local junior college with Marlee Matlin. I used to get distracted in class because I was fascinated with the sign language interpreter.

There’s a guy I was friends with in high school, a few years younger than I was, who has gone on to become a very successful storyboard artist for a gazillion movies - I was stunned by his list of credits on the imdb. Another guy from the same school is a struggling actor in Hollyweird now - he’s had bit parts in movies but so far no major success, but I keep watching for him.

Probably the most well-known alum of my first high school (I went to three) is Hugh Hefner - MANY years before me, though.

I don’t know if ‘famous’ is the correct term, but one of the space shuttle astronauts (Mary Ellen Weber ) graduated the same year I did.

And Halle Berry graduated from dear ol’ BHS several years later.

Getting in line behind Rico…

In high school I was friends with Brad Herzog, the author and WWTBAM contestant whose book sales skyrocketed after his Regis appearance.

danny tamberelli, little pete from ‘pete and pete’ went to my middle school and was my brother’s lab partner one year in high school. he works at the bagel store in my town in the summers.

drea de mateo, from ‘the sopranos’ went to my high school, as did one of the former mayors of new york city, although i dont know which.

my friend and classmate chris morales recently had a role in ‘the emperors club’, that kevin kline movie that looked like ‘dead poets society’ but really wasnt. he was on sesame street when he was little.

and another kid i went to high school with liam fergeson, his father is an assistant director of a lot of stuff and he got electrocuted once on ‘third watch.’

I like to note that in the 37 years my high school was open, it did not graduate ANYONE who became famous. There were a few who went on to bigger and better things (one went to Hollywood and wrote sitcom scripts) and at least one certified business tycoon (who runs an engineering firm and isn’t even that well-known in his own industry.) But fame? Not from my suburban high school.

Went to the same college as Carrot Top, Florida Atlantic University. Not sure if it was at the same time, but we’re almost the same age (2 years off) so it’s likely. Never met him or recalled noticing him.

Phil Zimmerman, the guy who made Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), also went to the same school.