Famous friends

Do any of you lot have friends that you went to school with, who went on to become famous in some field; sports, movies, art, science etc.



The only one who comes close is Phil Alden Robinson, who directed Field of Dreams. We worked at the radio station together, but we weren’t exactly close.


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Nobody noteworthy. One person was famous before she went to my high school, she had a bit role in Karate Kid 2. The next most famous person was a victim of the Xerox shooter.

Kind of. I mean, I graduated with these guys, but I wouldn’t call us friends. Of course, the first one is “related” to me only because his dog bred my dog and they had puppies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Person One is a late 1990s Indy car season champion and Person Two played pro B-ball for the Kings until he suicided.

I went to high school with an Olympic gold and bronze medal winner. Also with a kid who was later secretary of the Army.

Did they know me? Only as the geeky kid in the school library who checked books out to them.

If I really thought about I could probably think of a few people that I sort of maybe know or that I’ve met along the way or that my parents or relatives have met or know (ie my aunt used to babysit for Heather Graham, my parents went to school with the Zuckers but didn’t know them) but I don’t think any of that counts.

Off the top of my head the most famous person I know is a friend of mine that took home first place on Sweet Genius. If you watch the show, she was the one covered in tattoos on last year’s Halloween episode.

People who are famous now went to my high school, but I wasn’t actually friends with any of them back then.

A friend I grew up with is a Grammy winning composer, arranger and conductor who has contributed to music for movies like* The Incredibles.*. His jazz orchestra plays at the Monterey Jazz Festival, among others.

Gordon Goodwin

Probably the closest to being famous is author Michelle Richmond. We worked together on the yearbook staff in college.

I used to walk home from school with now-federal judge Kim McClaine Wardlaw.

Mostly via sports - a few NHL players and a bunch of folks in the Olympics.

Two members of my immediate family I never speak about on this board because y’all are freaking smart!

Way too many writers and IT people. They are each at the top of their field, both have wiki pages describing their career arcs and I am never surprised should I stumble across and article about either.

On the one hand I long to gush about a couple of fabulous achievers to an audience who could truly appreciate it. On the other, well, I just cannot.

I’ve got a stretch like that. My cousin grew up across the street from Michael Anthony. She was friends with him, and the Van Halen brothers as well. I’m not sure about David Lee Roth.

I really wish I had some childhood memory of my aunt complaining about “that loud garage band across the street” or something…

A classmate of mine became a renowned neurologist and public speaker. And nobody would be surprised. Everything he did, he did superlatively.

Not actually friends though.

I hung out in college with Rex Reed.

I played high school baseball against Johnny Demerit, who hit a home run in the World Series.

When I was 20, I worked and hung out with Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers, who has had the Daniel Boone Parkway re-named for him.

Just yesterday, I had lunch and went shopping with Paul Julian, the discoverer of the Madden-Julain Oscillation, an unexplained meteorological phenomenon in the Indian Ocean.

My father in law has a Wikipedia page, author Russell Trainer.

Silver medal olympian Tanith Belbin is my niece.

Long-time Congressional Chaplain Lloyd Ogilvie once dated my sister.

I worked with Rush Limbaugh, I relieved him when I came in for my shift.

The kid sitting next to me in my first grade picture went on to become a sporting goods tycoon. Used his money to force his way into positions of prominence he really didn’t have the background or skill set for.