Ever met someone who was pre-famous?

Or, what poor unknown schlub did you know in your youth who is now a celebrity?

When I was a kid, I was best friends with Gordy Hoffman, who has gone on to write a screenplay. It starred his younger brother Phil, who went on to win the Oscar for Best Actor for his work in Capote.

In high school I was friends with, and in a band with, Karen Mistal. She later starred in such films as Return of the Killer Tomatoes and Amazon Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death.

Karen and I went to school with a guy named Chris English. I was later in a production of The Sound of Music with him. His little brother Cory played one of the Von Trapp kids. Cory was recently the understudy for Nathan Lane in The Producers.

In college, my first roommate was impressed that one of our schoolmates went on tour with Art Blakey. His name was Branford Marsalis. A few years later, when I was a bank teller, a customer was Branford’s brother Delfayo.

My roommate had another good friend, Kevin Eubanks.


Disliked her then, dislike her now.

I did a university opera production with the countertenor David Daniels in the '90s. It was obvious to all of us then that he was going to be famous, but he wasn’t yet.

And one that isn’t mine… my best friend went to high school in a small, mostly Amish, town with Chris Kirkpatrick, the “funky hair guy” from *NSYNC.

I appeared on-stage in two productions with Erland van Lidthe de Jeude before he played the Big Bald Geek in the movies The Wanderers, Stir Crazy, and The Running Man. Erland wasn’t bald, and wasn’t a geek (except the computer kind – he started his own software company), and didn’t like being typecast, so he opted out of playing a Big Bald Geek in the Bo Derek Tarzan.
I worked with and co-authored two papers with Ron McNair, the black astronaut on the ill-fated Challenger space shuttle.

One of my professors was a pre-Love Letters playwrite named A.R. “Pete” Gurney. We even put on one of my plays in his class, and turned it into a videotape.

Other famous folk I’ve met were either valready famous, or I was at one or more removes from them.

Funny, I once met Joey McIntyre of the New Kids. But that was after he was famous and nobody really gave a shit anymore.

I knew Dave Barry back when he was working on a little local paper in West Chester PA – right around the time he left his first wife for his second. He was a neighbor of my sister and her husband’s, who socialized with them often, so I’d see him when I was visiting my sister. Have had dinner in his house, been to parties with him, smoked dope with him, etc.

Yes, he was funny then.

I met Alicia Keyes through work about two years before she hit it big. She was a very nice young lady.

In high school, I played baseball against 2 guys who went on to pretty successful major league careers, and because we played each other several times a year over a few years, I got to know them both on casual speaking terms.

If I remember correctly, one of them, Bill Gullickson, was one of the first few players taken in the '77 draft. He was a 95 mph+ pitcher who threw a slew of no-no’s in HS. My claim to fame was that once in a game, I doubled and tripled off of him. 3rd time up I took a dive.

The other, Jesse Barfield I know played a while with Toronto. I believe he even has a son playing somewhere now?

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Nope, didn’t know anyone ‘pre-famous’.

Closest possibility: I met Ed Broadbent when I was a kid, but I’m not sure that counts. He was already MP for Oshawa-Whitby when my mom worked with him.

Of course, someone I know now might become famous later (and I actually have a couple of people in mind), but that doesn’t count.

I know someone now who is pre-famous. His name is Ryan March. He is the son of my Karate instructor. I trained regularly with him a couple years back before he moved to Los Angeles. He has had several small roles in a few films and in TV. He is good friends with Sylvester Stallone and has dated Jenny McCarthy. You can look him up on IMDB.

He will be famous one of these days.

Josh, in Cleveland.

Back in my hair-band days, I’d occasionally hang out with Jimmy Southworth and Jeff Wyland, who later became Rachel Bolan (of Skid Row) and Zakk Wylde, respectively. Good guys, both.

Predating that, I shared a high school gym class (and a couple of punches) with a major douchebag named Jim Dowd. He went on to win the Stanley Cup with the NJ Devils.

The bassist from Slipknot crashed at my ex-husband’s place for a few months when his girlfriend kicked him out. I met him once or twice before Slipknot’s meteoric rise to fame. He certainly puts the “ass” in “bass.”

Vin Diesel was a guy I kept running into at the Compleat Strategist.

I forgot one. I won’t say his name, as it was a confidential software support situation. You probably wouldn’t recognize his name anyway. But at the time, he was in his seventies and considering a career change. He was thinking about getting into acting. He now has two dozen acting credits to his name.

Gilmour Girls, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, ER, and Life Stinks are on his resume.

While growing up in a suburb of Edmonton, I attended the occassional house party in my teens. At more than one of these parties, I had a beer or two with Mark Messier.

This was still when he played junior hockey in St. Albert, years before his super-stardom.

And apparantly, my gf used to party with Lorne Cardinalfrom the Canadian sit-com “Corner Gas”. I think he was going to the University of Alberta at the time.

I can’t say I actually met them but I saw the guys of Pantera playing in the living room at a house party once. They were a little more… uh… “flamboyant” back in those days.

I knew/played shows with/drank beer with a lot of DFW area musicians way back when they were small timers. Reverend Horton Heat, the Toadies, Deep Blue Something, Bowling for Soup, Drowning Pool, etc. Our former drummer is probably pre-famous now. He’s got an industrial percussion act that’s starting to get some big shows.

Most of my friends knew the Pantera guys from high school in Arlington (except Phil, who cam later), but I only met them after they became famous.

I know there are some others, but darned if I can think of them right now.

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Heh. From what I understand, “flamboyant” was exactly right. :slight_smile: