Famous people you've been an airplane with

I have been on the same airplane with:
William F. Buckley
Sinead O’Conner
Steven Forbes
Doris Lessing

And no, I didn’t say hello to any of them.

How about you?

David Copperfield (the magician, not the Charles Dickens character) and his entourage. He had to pee while we were waiting at baggage claim and I had to go too so I peed at the urinal next to him. I looked to see if there were any special effects coming out of his penis but nope, just normal pee.

Shagnasty–for a second there, I thought you were going to say he went into the bathroom on the airplane, and a few seconds later the Occupied light went out, and when you opened the door, one of the flight attendants was in there instead…

No one for me, but my husband flew home from the Marines during the Vietnam war with Mickey Rooney. He got his autograph. Said he was a nice guy.

I’ve had Hulk Hogan. He is soooooo old.

Shaquille O’Neal. We flew to Orlando and he was in first class. When he stood up to get out of the plane, he was totally hunched over with the back of his neck bumping the ceiling. He had about 6 bad lookin’ dudes with him. They made quite a little parade going thru the airport.

Gladys Knight and I were on a red-eye from Las Vegas to Atlanta. I didn’t say hi or anything, but there were people having their picture taken with her in the terminal. Considering Midnight Train to Georgia was a hit when I was in like 5th grade, I think she looks terrific - not very much older than me at all.

I thought yours was going to a be a joke, Caricci. “A red-eye from Las Vegas to Atlanta”; isn’t that a midnight plane to Georgia?

:confused: :eek: :dubious:
You might want to consider rephrasing that…

Curtis Armstrong

The best part is that I was flying in first class, while he took coach.

I’ve never been an airplane before - but it probably would be nice to be one with a famous person.

All right, all right - I had to do it - SOMEONE has to rag on missed words in subjects - and when I do the same thing one day, I will expect the same treatment.


Oops! Good catch!

But how do you know we weren’t running together down the jetway, arms extended, saying ‘zoom zoom’?

I stand by what I wrote :wink:

Or waving our arms around in a car, looking like an idiot, while the music says “zoom zoom zoom”
I’m jealous. I want to be on a plane with Sinéad O’Connor. I was on the plane with hoola-hoop Iglesias or however you spell it. I had no idea who he was at the time. Now I know that “he is some old singer guy” so I’m much better informed.

On one of the rare times I’ve been upgraded, I sat next to Wolfgang Puck in first class. What to say…?

“I became a chef in part, because you inspired me.”
“I worked with Chef V----- who used to work with you.”
“My father was going to name me ‘Wolfgang’ but my mom wouldn’t let him.”
“May I have your autograph?”

Nope. Did not say anything. He was flying back and forth LAX to ORD and seemed to not want to be bothered. Being a breakfast flight, and me being hungry, and it being first class and all, I took all the gourmet food that they offered. It was alot! Wolfie didn’t order anything. He seemed to cringe, however, when I asked for extra ketchup for my eggs benedict. :smiley:

One my very first flight, Stevie Wonder was in first class.


Elliot Gould on the way back from Amsterdam

Two guys from the Seldom Scene (not exactly famous, but…)

My old senator, Dale Bumpers, on a flight from DCA to Little Rock, he was flying coach and talked with me for a bit. Turns out he knew my dad…

Not sure about this, but I THINK Ian McCullough was on my flight from Atlanta to DFW, but he was wearing shades the whole time…the hair was fairly recognizable, though.

My wife and I sat across the aisle from Dave Grohl, formerly of Nirvana, now with the Foo Fighters, on a flight from LA to Seattle. He had drank too much in the LA airport and was really drunk by the time the flight took off. Shortly after takeoff he was hassling the flight attendants and the pilot came out and cussed him out. He finally passed out about an hour into the flight. The airport police were waiting for him when we touched down in Seattle. I don’t know if he was arrested, there was nothing in the local paper.

You people are so cool.

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Don’t know if this counts, but in December on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta I was priveledged to sit next to the INTERNATIONAL FART CHAMPION. Not just one, mind you, but several, loud, long, ripe ones. [sub]Lieu, was that you?[/sub]