Fan Bingbing (X-men) disappears from sight.

Does China still send people to work on the Communes? I guess that would be better than a jail cell.

It’s dangerous being a celebrity in a Communist country.

Hopefully Bingbing will eventually reappear after her run in with authorities.

Wikipedia. She’s had quite a successful career singing and acting.

Bingbing may be banned from acting for 3 years.

Added parentheses to the title, as it was difficult to parse.

Thank you.

Her role in X-Men: Days of Future Past (playing Blink) is probably the film most people here are familiar with.

I only recognize her name because she’a a fashionista wearing the most stunning gorgeous gowns ever run up in a designer showroom. Funny, all that fame and money isn’t doing her much good at the moment, but in China, meat is meat. Money is involved.