Fan-held Signs at Wrigley Field

Watching the Cubs on WGN & Comcast Sports Net these past few days, I noticed some signs in the stands whose meanings are lost on me.

One was in Japanese, red on white, looks like four characters. Undoubtedly the words “Kosuke Fukudome” are in there, but is there more?

The other was a guy behind home plate today, holding up a sign that said “Roadkill Lives.” I’m not getting it.

Anyone with any inside info?

I can tell you that at least one of those Fukodome signs had erroneous Japanese characters on it. The other day when Fukodome hit a game-tying home run, a fan had held up a sign on TV that said Fukodome in English and something like “This is our year” on it, and on the back, in Japanese, it said “Fukodome” and “It was an accident.”