Fancy words for simple ideas

We just ran a story about how in some states now, if a kid is caught skipping school, they can be arrested, taken to jain, and then their parents arrested as well. This deserves a thread of it’s own I’ll start elseware, but for now, I want to talk about this:

Trauncy: big fancy word for “playing hookey.”

and, if your child skips school regularly, they may suffer from Conduct Disorder - a pathological rejection of authority. Since when did the fact kids hate school need to be classified as a social disorder?

Any other big words for stimple shit you can think about?

Dyslexia: a fancy word for a neurological disorder which interferes with the acquisition and processing of language. :smiley:

Onomatopoeia: a fancy word for the imitation of natural sounds in word form.

Defenestrate. To throw someone or something out of a window. Literally, to de-window them.
Masticate. It sounds dirty. It just means “to chew.”

I’m waiting for Gaudere’s Law to kick me for this – it’s truancy, not trauncy. I’m so helpful.

Abbreviation. It took me years to get the idea, and I finally learned it’s just a long word for the act of shortening words. Argh!

I know, I know, it’s just one of those instances where my fingers typed faster than my brain and I forgot to check. Eh, oh ewll.

RaCha’ar, you have just accomplished a miracle.

You have figured out a way to defer the wrath of Gaudere’s law from your own corrective post to the next post acknowledging the correction by the original mistake-making poster.

You must share your secret!

But then he’d have to kill you.

I’m a she. :wink:

I don’t know if you want to know, White Lightning. It involves the sacrifice of a virgin chicken and a ritual skyclad dance under the full moon.

Or just luck. One or the other. :smiley:

Bah, I made a corrective post first - albeit subtly - without offending G’s law. :slight_smile:

Having watched many cartoons from the 30s and 40s I am well versed in truancy. And know full well that Truant Officers will catch those truants.

Now expelling bodily functions is a good source for these. You expectorate, defecate and urinate rather then spit, shit and piss.

I’ve always wondered what it’s called when you expel snot from your nose without aid of fingers. Just take a deep breath, block up one side and let fly. There must be a nice long word for that.

Here in Australia, we call that a “Bushman’s Blow (shortened to “Bushies’ Blow” in some circles)”. Not exactly a fancy term, but it’s suitably evocative.

Another bodily function: “emesis” or vomiting.

I’ve always heard the term “snot rocket,” but I don’t think you’d find that anywhere in a dictionary.

My favorite? Coitus interruptus. …Sounds so formal.

“Ideopathic Contact Dermatitis” Dermatologist talk for “I don’t know why your skin itches”.

Docs have a lot of great lingo for “I don’t know” and such. There’s also a great term for diseases you pick up while hospitalized but I can’t remember it. “Buehler? Buehler?”

Iatrogenic. Basic meaning is “caused by medical care.” :smiley:

Which reminds me of “reverse peristalsis,” also vomiting. And “regurgitation.” There’s a lot of puke words.

In music, when there is a lead-in note before the downbeat (and one and two), it’s usually called an upbeat, or a pickup. The technical term is anacrucis (sp?).

When my high school music teacher taught us this term, he called it “a ten-dollar word for a pickup.”

One of the students thought he said it was a word for a ten-dollar pickup.

Heh. Hey, maybe if her name was Anna Crucis…