Fantastic 4 Cast News -- Chiklis=Ben Grimm

Chiklis is a great choice. He’s already got a Thing like form, so he’d be believable even with orange latex “bricks” instead of CGI (kind of like a Mystique from the X-Men movie SFX approach).

Don’t really know the other guys mentioned.

I could see Sarah Wynter as Sue. She’s a bit old compared to the rest of the cast to be doing original comic ages (which they likely won’t do anyway), but she’s definitely got the classic look that would be believable as someone who is from a well-to-do background and into theatre but still the girl next door. If you follow the link above to her IMDB photos, be sure to check out the pics from the TV shows she’s been in, namely 24, or her casual dress and not with her hair pulled back tight for the red carpet.

But as far as movie prospects go, I think this one will be even harder to pull off than some of the others. I was shocked at how well Spiderman and the X-Men went, but those comics have real human themes to tie into and were grounded in realism (other than the superpowers thing). Fantastic Four always was a little, well, cartoonish, largely because of Mister Fantastic made of plastic. I mean, come on, how on earth can a movie handle that without calling him Mister Ridiculous. Best they could do there is make it a power he can’t hardly use ever for anything and just focus on his scientist role. Heck, make him stay on the ground running the rocket launch from there (if they even keep that bit) so he doesn’t get juiced up by the cosmic rays.

Hmphf. Macy will always be **The Shoveller**!

Except that he’s 5’9" while the Thing is, what, 7 or 8 feet?

One thing on Reed’s age in the movie v. the comic.

While it would generally be better for the movie to follow the comic, keep in mind that the older you make any male character in a superhero movie, the higher the odds of Sean Connery wanting to play him.

With this in mind, I would have absolutely no problem with Reed being played by the kid from Harry Potter.

Officially, the Thing is 6’, 500 lbs. He’s often drawn larger than that, and the weight seems quite low for a being his size covered with a rock exoskeleton, but Chiklis seems fairly close.

The Ultimate Thing is a full head taller than Reed, appearing to be about 7’, and has been described as weighing half a ton.

But I don’t think they’ll go the rubber suit route for this version. I suspect that once the transformation takes place, we’ll be seeing a cgi Thing, which makes Chiklis’ height irrelevant.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, (cite) Alba is in.

I think she is hot, not a very good actress (tho she improved quite a bit during the Dark Angel run IMHO), and not right for Sue Storm.

I like the commish, and think he makes a decent Ben Grimm (age aside)

(what’s the point of being hot if you spend part of the movie invisible ? )

oh, and Miller: LOL! :slight_smile:

Um, tastes differ? I don’t find her attractive. Not that her form isn’t pleasing, but her face is odd-looking. Plus, having seen her in Daredevil, in which she was miscast, badly written and poorly costumed, I was put off.

And you must concede, I think, that even if she is hot (for you), she’s wrong wrong wrong to play Sue Storm.

Are you thinking Jennifer Garner?* (who played Elektra?) Because Alba was not in Daredevil.

*Who is also hot and wrong for Sue Storm (IMHO)

So what you all are telling me, the Ultimates have changed the character relationships beyond all recognition, and the movie will be based on those. Writing off all the Boomers who grew up with the originals. Good move.

The Hollywood Reporter article also says that the movie will be directed by Tim Story, best known for Barbershop, and newcomer Simon Kinberg, who is credited with XXX:III. And IMDb says: “Worked on numerous production rewrites, including Charlies Angels II: Full Throttle, Catwoman, Fantastic Four and Elektra.”

As for Doom:

So far, so bad. So very, very bad.

Ah, now we know where the movie version of Wolverine got all that extra height! He stole it from the movie version of Ben Grimm!

Well, this movie is going to suck.

If it accomplishes anything it will be to grab the knife that Catwoman is about to stab into the heart of the comicbook movie industry and give it a few good twists, making sure it’s nice and dead.

Hey, no problem, I’m just amazed that anyone would think so. IMO when a woman reaches a certain level of obvious attractiveness that she has, everyone can agree that they’re hot. Guess not. Can you give me a name of someone whose face you would not consider odd-looking?

Wait - are you talking about Jennifer Garner and not Jessica Alba?

I can certainly concede that, I think both Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner would be wrong for the part.


Yes, I was. Although I guess I was not thinking per se. Argh.

Jennifer Garner is the one I was picturing.

Ms. Alba is indeed hot.

:smack: :smack: :smack: