Fox's Fantastic Four cast revealed!

…reports Variety

Mister Fantastic: Miles Teller
Invisible Woman: Kate Mara
Human Torch: Michael B. Jordan
Thing: Jamie Bell

These are actors who are great at their craft, though it appears the producers will be taking liberties with the source material.

I’m assuming a fully CGI Thing. That, or Bell is going to have to bulk up big time.

Wow, not what I expected. They’re all so young. Jamie Bell for the Thing looks too scrawny.

But I think this group could be fun to watch.

This is going to be a tough movie to make. The Avengers and related films have really raised the bar for comic book movies since the last attempt at FF.

Looks like Batman vs. Superman has some competition in the idiotic comic book casting race. Were white males in such short supply that they couldn’t find one to play Susan Storm’s brother?

Adopted siblings is less a problem for me than the fact that Johnny was supposed to provide a youthful contrast to a team of adults. Now they’re all kids. To be fair, this is true in Ultimate FF as well, but I had the same complaints with that incarnation.

Casting a Brit as the Thing: I forget: is Clobberin’ Time before or after Tea Time?

This, of course, brings up a whole other discussion over whether race is sacrosanct when adapting works, and why no one seems to mind when characters (especially in literature) who are clearly described as having non-Caucasian skin tones are played by white actors.

But I’m not sure if that’s a separate thread or not.

Hey, I mind—it’s just that I don’t run any casting departments. :frowning:

And like I’ve said before…if it were me, I’d screw the “adoption” angle and make them biological siblings. Complete with onscreen family photos and sonogram pictures. There are about six different ways that’s entirely possible, and everyone can go choke on 'em.

After the last movies, I have no goodwill left for the Fantastic Four. If the same studio is doing them again? No watch. Not event rental.

So, including the Corman version, this’ll be the third Fantastic Four franchise in two decades.

Michael Chiklis will always be the Thing of my heart.

I liked the first, but when did the other two Fantastic Mr. Fox movies happen?

All very young. I take it they are going with some Ultimates version or something where the origin is different.

To me its not sacrosanct at all. Morgan Freeman played a character that was supposed to be an Irishman named Red in Shawshank. Not too many complaints there. And I’m certainly no fanboy who gets upset about every little change. But Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are siblings. Changing that changes the entire dynamic of the characters. If you are going to throw out the whole basis for the characters then just come up with a new concept from scratch. It reeks of stunt casting.

Not stunt casting. Just a good relationship. He and the director worked together well before on Chronicle, and the director pretty much deemed him perfect for the part.

And really, in 2014, it’s not that far fetched that they could be siblings. Whether biological, step- or adopted, I think what’s important is that they grew up together.

There aren’t that many mixed-race adoptions. Step, possibly.
The problem I have with it is that you’re going to cast the only black actor of the four as the immature hothead…that turns a teenaged stereotype into a racial one.

So will they drive a Dodge - OF COURSE IT HAS A HEMI! - or has BMW outbid them for this flick?

Not that Kate Mara in a bodysuit is any bad thing. Just sayin’.

Sure, not stunt casting. There is such a shortage of actors out there that he was the only one who could play the part.

Except that is not the relationship of the characters as written for the last 50 years. You can make them anything you want. But it changes the relationship. If you want characters with a different relationship then make up new characters. It wouldn’t care if it was Reed or Ben. But making Johnny Storm black is stunt casting. Getting people to talk about the movie after the last two had less than stellar buzz. Like we are doing now. See? Its working.

The absolute worst, most cringe-inducing product placement of all time. It didn’t even make sense. Hemi comes from the hemispherical combustion chamber in an internal combustion engine. How many cylinders does a jet car have? :mad: