Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

The teaser trailer is up:


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Great trailer. Hope the movie lives up to it.


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Well, i gotta say it looks more interesting than the first one but thats the idea behind a teaser i guess.

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The Silver Surfer sucks!


Forgive my ignorance but is Silver Surfer an anti-hero?

Not exactly, though kinda, I don’t want to say too much, but… well… here - Wikipedia link: [Spoilers of story arc after the jump]

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Ooh, I’m all atwitter!

I wish they wouldn’t release these trailers seven frickin’ months early. I can’t stand the wait.

Aw, man, I was so convinced that just as Johnny caught up with the Surfer the camera would suddenly pull back to reveal a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fucking Galactus that I just kind of went “awww, crap” when it didn’t.

I enjoyed the first one a lot. (Alba being miscast and Doom being not at all interesting aside) I have high hopes for this one.

wiki plot info

Reed and Su are married early in the film.[1] The film’s remaining story will center on the appearance of the Silver Surfer on Earth, as well as the return of Dr. Doom.

The traditional connection between the Surfer and Galactus seen in the early Fantastic Four comics has not been confirmed, but Tom Rothman, Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, has confirmed that Galactus will also appear in the film.[2]

Tim Story has confirmed that Doctor Doom, seen defeated and frozen in his metal form at the end of the first film, will make a dramatic return in this movie and “he will be back in full DOOM, not like we had him in the first film.”[3] Actor Ioan Gruffudd has confirmed that Julian McMahon will be back for the sequel.[4]

What did you all think of the first Fantastic Four?

How does it compare to X-Men, or Spiderman?


I thought they nailed the Torch and the Thing, Reed had some true-sounding moments, Sue and Doom didn’t feel right - and not because I didn’t think Alba acted well, I don’t think the part was given much to do.

IMHO, it’s not as good as the Spider-Man movies. I’ve only seen the first two X-Men, and FF is more true to the comic, and had better dialogue, but the X-films made better action movies.

It would have been considered a good comic book movie before spider man/x men, but it was worse than both of them.

In order of most enjoyed to least enjoyed

Spiderman 1
Xmen 1
Xmen 2
Spiderman 2
Fantastic Four
Xmen 3

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I was a fairly rabid fan of Silver Surfer in comics, but I don’t recall him phasing through solid objects much. Not that I mind. I mean, once you’ve got the Power Cosmic you’re basically magic.

I really enjoyed it. The Thing and The Human Torch were the best part of it, as they usually are in the comics as well.

I can’t wait to see this movie. I was a huge Silver Surfer fan back when Ron Lim was drawing his title.

One thing that worries me about this movie, though. If Reed and Sue are getting married, does that mean we’re going to have to listen to them calling each other “Darling”, “My darling Sue”, etc. etc. ad nausem? Because that always made me gag when I read the comics :wink:

I guess I should say more than just sorting them from most liked to least liked.

The reason I rated F4(1) so low is that I found much of the dialogue over the top. I disliked Doom and I agree with those who say that Alba wasn’t given her full potential. I found parts of it quite contrived and though I loved the portrayal of Johnny Blaze, I just overall didn’t enjoy it as much as the others.

Now to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the F4. I much prefer Spidey and X-Men to them, so that means I’m biased on the whole.


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