The Fantastic Four; is anyone gonna see this turd?

Alright. It’s gone too far. The Burger King commercials, the bus ads, the cell phone tie-ins, the video games, the underoos–this isn’t a movie, is it? It’s a commercial, right? Did anyone even read the Fantastic Four? This isn’t even a good comic book we’re talking about here. It’s not Spider Man. It’s not Batman. It’s no good man in any way. It makes me angry. I’m boycotting with an iron fist. I just want to know: who’s going to the theatre when this comes out?

It’s got Jessica Alba in it, doesn’t it? Opening day, baby! :smiley:


I’ll prolly borrow the DVD from someone when it’s released in October, but I’d rather go see Sin City for a 3rd time than pay to see F4. Jessica Alba is in both, but she is totally wrong for the part of Sue Storm.

Not even when it’s free on TV

Using the power given to me by a passing wave of cosmic, er… stuff, I will move this to Cafe Society!

Lessee… cosmic wave, cosmic powers… you can call me The Cosby. Now excuse me as I go do a little dance and wipe out the rest of the dads in the weekly ratings.

I’ll probably rent it or something eventually and fast-forward through all the scenes that haven’t got Ioan Gruffudd.

I plan on seeing it. Mostly because I can think of worse ways to spend a summer afternoon than sipping a soda while I watch CGI mutates kicking the tar out of each other for two hours.

It’s looked bad from day one. I can’t see how it would be possible to make a movie of the Fantastic Four, with their really stupid names, and it not look like complete cheese.

I habven’t followed it in ages, but back in the 1960s, when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were putting it together, this was one of the absolute Best comics. From about issues 30 to 100 it showed mind-blowing cosmic adventures with Kirby’s wonderfully operatic artwork. If the movie manages to capture a tenth of that it’ll be good.

I’m seeing it for two reasons: the aforementioned Jessica Alba, and because what’s not to like about watching people kick ass with super powers? It’s not like I’m going in there expecting to be blown away by some sort of mind warping new thought. Sometimes it’s just fun to watch a stupid action movie.

Sorry to double post, but I just had a question that doesn’t deserve a thread of it’s own. Does the guy who bursts into flame have to say “flame on” when he wants it to happen? In one commercial I see him snapping his fingers and making his hand go on fire, but then he jumps off the building and says “flame on!” and becomes a human fireball. Is it a matter of degree? Or is it a stupid catch phrase that they invented for the movie?

As I recall, Johnny Storm said “Flame On!” back in the '60s. I don’t think he needs to vocalise the command to ignite, but he is a kid and thinks it sounds cool.

It’s always been his catch phrase, just like the Thing has to say “It’s clobberin’ time!”.

I’ve heard that the Mark Waid run from a couple years back is also very good.

Only if Asbestos Man makes a cameo. :smiley:

Eh, I’ll wait to hear some reviews.

No, that’s the point. As individuals they might be able to beat up on second string villians, but as a team they can stand up to Galatus and guys like that. If you don’t like Fantasic Four, avoid Legion of Superheroes like the plague.

The hell it isn’t.


Nope, it’s a stupid catch phrase invented in the comic books. :slight_smile:

I haven’t read the comic in quite a few years, but used to really love it. The film sounds like it’s really going to suck however. Rotten Tomatoes has only 14 reviews (which seems like very few the day before the release of a big summer film). It’s got 11 rotten and three fresh, but look at the tags for the three “positives”:

Wow, talk about ringing endorsements!

Ebert: One star. Yikes.

Well, I’m planning to see it because it’s got three of my favorite actors: Jessica Alba, Ioan Grufford (I was a fan of his way back when the first Hornblower TV movies came out when I was in high school), and Julian McMahon (He was cool on Charmed)

Plus, it’s always a trip to hear Ioan Grufford talk without a British accent. Took me YEARS to realize he was in Black Hawk Down. :smack:

I’m going to see it because I like the F4. My daughter wants to see it too, so we’ll end up going to a Sunday matinee. Cheaper that way too.