Fantastic four: What is Mr. Fantastic's superpower?

She could also shrink. I don’t know if the current version can, since I read half an issue of Byrne’s tragedy, and haven’t gone back.

She was also one of those rare superheroes who stayed dead (until her very existance was taken out of continuity).

Like you said, continuity isn’t always the best. In Jimmy’s Who’s Who entry it says something like, “it is thought the serum is derived from Gingold extract”. I remeber distinctly that it said “it is thought” But they could have contradicted that somewhere else.

Elasti-Girl could shrink or grow, but didn’t actually stretch exactly. But she could shrink or grow different parts of her anatomy so if her body was small, but her arm was large, it would look like a stretched out arm.

She was the only member of the original Doom Patrol that actually died in the blast that supposidly killed them all.

And within the comic book itself, the explanation was that Johnny Storm was out of town the day the contracts had to be signed.

Actually, this was established firmly in DC Comics Presents #21 (May 1980) when Elongated Man’s resistance to an alien infection is traced to his use of gingold and Jimmy Olsen’s periodic use of the same (or closely related, I presume) chemical offers a similar benefit.

Yes, do we really wish to encumber the laws of Darwin in such cases?

I had a great uncle that fell into a vat of acid. All that happened to him was that he died horribly.

There was an issue of “What If?” that imagined what might’ve happened if the child that Sue lost had lived. Half of the issue was devoted to a story where she grew up monstrously evil, and the other half was a story where she was good.

Urban legend. It was really about licensing. Wikipedia, Mark Evanier

Take a shot.

Another rumor that was blown out of proportion… They edited out one scene… one where either Mr. Fantastic or the Thing helped get a kitten out of a tree because there is a similar scene in the Incredibles.

What the Incredibles really did to the FF was make them redo some of the Mr. Fantastic effects because they saw what pixar was able to do for Mrs. Incredible.

Nah – Plastic Man had him beat on all counts. He had the most interesting personality (i.e., he was much more fun), better changes (into objects instead of just stretching himself), and a name that everyone else is scrambling to improve upon.

And anyone who uses the new secret chemical – “detergent” – to defeat a criminal deserves credit.

In Hero Hotline, a group of minor heroes are on call to perform various services for a fee. One member (can’t remember his name) is a stretcher. Due to age and lack of regular super-training, he’s lost some of his elasticity. He can stretch just fine, but he has problems snapping back to shape afterwards.

A routine dispatch for him goes like this

Boss-Larry, we have a job for you.

Larry- Not another cat stuck in a tree! I can do other things! My super power is not ‘gets cat out of trees’!

Boss-Larry, you need to relax.

Larry-Fine. What’s the job?

Boss-Cat stuck in a tree.

Re Sue Stretching

OTTOMH, there are at least two instances of this, both What If stories. In What If The Fantastic Four All Had The Same Power? there’s an all stretch story. In What If The Fantastic Four Had Gotten Different Powers? Sue gets stretching, Johnny becomes a living machine, Ben gets dinosaur wings, and Reed is transformed into a brain with powerful telepathic abilities.

Re Herbie

That was the robot’s name. It stood for Humanoid Experimental Robot B-type. In the comics, Reed eventually thought it would be fun to build a Herbie. Ben’s reaction was ‘Terrific! Now I don’t just have this tin can buggin’ me on those kid’s cartoons, but in real life!’. Herbie eventually sacrificed himself in an attempt to kill the villainous Dr Sun. This was stupid on two counts. #1 If he had waited five seconds Herbie would have heard Reed explain that he had Sun safely contained. #2 Sun has a long record of contingency plans. Originally a Chinese scientist, he survived his brain being removed and used in an experimental computer. In fact, he came to control the computer, a bunch of scientists, and an army of henchmen. He survived a few fights with Dracula. He survived the destruction of his brain. During the battle with the FF in which Herbie died, Sun was a purely telepathic entity with no physical body of his own. So, by all the laws of comic book science, Sun was certain to return after Herbie’s pointless death.

Re The Thing

I’ve heard a few people comment that the suit used in the film doesn’t look like stone. There’s no reason it should. Though he is often described as “rocky”, Ben Grimm is not actually made of stone. His orange skin is just some kind of hard tissue broken into plates to allow movement (and because it looks cool).

One time, Enlongated Man deguised himself as a vase for three days. Well, maybe he didn’t (who’d want to anyway?), he is a detective so he’s like Batman and Plastic Man rolled into one. :smiley:

Have you got a cite for that? AFAIK the only stretchers in the DCU who can replicate objects are Plas, and Offspring (Plas’ son in the Kingdom Come future). They are also AFAIK, the only stretchers who have decided that life is better without toes.

Its a line from Justice League Unlimited, the animated show on Cartoon Network. Enlongated Man and Booster Gold are stuck on crowd control while the big guns battle a baddie (Mordu?).

EM: One time I diguised myself as a vase for three days.
BG: No you didn’t.
EM: Okay, maybe not. Who’d want to anyway? But I am a detective which means I’m like Plastic Man and Batman rolled into one. And…
BG: Is there any chance you can stop complaining for five minutes?
EM: Hey, the squeaky wheel gets the grease my friend, but I’ll tell you I wouldn’t help those ingrates now if they begged me.
(Wonder Woman flies in.)
WW: We need you.
BG: Its about time.
WW: Not you. Him.
EM: Squeaky wheel.
(They stretch and fly away.)
Skeets (BG’s robot): Maybe they needed a vase.

To be clear for the OP:

The Fantastic Four–Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards has the stretching power. Sue “The Invisible Woman” Storm, his wife, can turn invisible (and throw force fields, etc.). Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm can light himself on fire and toss flames. Ben “The Thing” Grimm [del]looks like a plastic orange rubber rock[/del] has super strength.

The Incredibles–Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr, the dad, has super strength. Helen “Elastigirl” Parr, the wife, can stretch. Violet, the daughter, can turn invisible and throw force fields. Dash, the son, can run at super speed. Jack-Jack, the baby… well, less said the better. :wink:

Mr. Fantastic’s main power has always been his intellect. I think he’s considered the smartest man in the Marvbel Universe (not to say he has the most commone sense, though).

I disagree about part of this–to me, Elongated Man (if you include his wife–who’s dead at the moment) has a much more interesting personality than Plastic Man–they used to have great banter. Plas is not to bright and mostly befuddled, especially in the Jack Cole days. And Woozy is just annoying. Plas does have far better transformations, though.

Yeah, I have to agree. Ralph and Sue were (and knowing the comics universe, will likely be again) probably the single perfect superhero comic couple.

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You wkipedia mainiacs! You ruined it! You ruined it for all time!

Oh, and personally, I always liked Plastic Man, because of the fact that His sidekick, Woozy Winks, is the Man that Nature Protects. Yet this never gets mentioned. However, it is still canon.


Of course, the abilities of Plastic Man, Elongated Man and Jimmy (Elastic Lad) Olsen aren’t due to chemicals at all. Actually, they’ve each been “noticed” by the stretch dimension, which will one day “call them home”.