Fantastic four: What is Mr. Fantastic's superpower?

Obviously I haven’t seen the movie, but I used to watch the cartoon ages ago, as a pajama-clad little kid in front of the TV Saturday mornings.

As I remember, “Ben” becomes The Thing, incredibly strong and looks like he’s made of rocks.

The wife can “stretch” herself.

The daughter’s The Invisible Girl.

The son is like a human flamethrower.

But what can Mr. Fantastic do?

You are misremembering. Mr Fantastic stretches. The wife becomes invisible. There is no daughter.

There is no daughter. Mr. Fantastic is the stretchy guy, and really smart.

Oops, missed one: There is no son, either. Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, is unrelated to any of the other three.

I think the OP may be confusing Fantastic Four with the recent animated movie The Incredibles.

In the comics, anyway, he’s Sue’s brother. I don’t know about the movie (I haven’t seen it yet).

Yes there is a daughter (Valeria), now–but only in the last two years or so.

There’s also a son, who’s power is that…well…he’s God.

Seriously. He can turn off the universe, create new universes, raise the dead, alter the orbits of planets, etc. Most of the time his power is turned off, though.

Mr. Fantastic stretches.
His wife, the Invisible Woman can turn invisible and has force field powers
Her brother, The Human Torch does the fire bit.
Mr. Fantastic’s old college friend and army buddy is the super strong Thing who looks like he’s covered with orange rocks. Genrally he doesn’t ‘become’ the Thing, but is stuck in that form all the time. (Except for the times when he can change back)


It sounds like it. In some of the F4 cartoons, Torchy wasn’t there at all–replaced by a dumb robot.

There was a cartoon in the 70s (?) that featured a wimpy kid that TURNED into the Thing.

Our OP is confusing a bunch of stuff god bless 'm.

:smack: Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, of course they’re related.

I believe it was alicensing thing. Marvel had already leased the cartoon rights of several of its characters, including the Human Torch, to another company. So when they leased the rights for the Fantastic Four they had to replace him with another character.

No, I think it was that they were afraid that kids would be stupid enough to light themselves on fire and jump out windows.

Good riddance to those idiots, if you ask me.

I did see that movie, but I still mistakenly remembered Mrs. Fantastic being able to stretch.

Come to think of it there was a completely separate superhero – don’t remember if it was DC or Marvel–called Elongated Man.

DC. There’ve been a bunch of stretching heroes (and a few heroines–plus one or two villians)

He got his powers from drinking Soda! Gingold-extract Soda! :smiley:

Ralph Dibny was DCs Elongated Man. Somehow I also remember that Jimmy Olsen also had stretchy superpowers in some adventures.

Yes, you were mixing up *The Incredibles * with the FF. In fact, it was a concern about this confusion that caused some script/final edit changes in the FF movie.

Not quite. He got his powers after realizing that the thing all “India Rubber Men” (at various circuses) had in common was that they drank “Gingold Soda”. He found that there was a rare ingredient in it, went down to South America, got some and made a special extract (“an essence”) from it.

The soda apparently just makes one extremely limber. You have to take a concentrated dose of the special formula Dibney made to stretch. Jimmy Olsen: Elastic Lad and Lana Lang: Elastic Lass have also used Dibney’s extract (or a varient thereof–early Silver Age DC comics weren’t noted for tight continuity). Plus, per one Jimmy Olsen, it only works on redheaded people.

The serum Jimmy used was invented by Professor Potter. He also once turned Jimmy into a giant turtle (CandidGamera?).

It was “hypothesised” that gingold extract was an ingredient in the serum.

Also, Plastic Man got his powers by falling into a vat of acid. And yes, someone “hypothesized” that it was acid distilled from the gingold plant.

Of all the stretchy guys, I like Elongated Man the best. At least he’s got the coolest name.

“Thing ring, do yer thing!” :smiley:

And just to complete the confusion, there was (is?) a DC Doom Patrol character called Elasti-Girl, though IIRC her power was to grow to enormous size. I imagine Pixar paid DC a fee to use the name for Mrs. Incredible.

:smack: You’re right. Oops!

–wasn’t it more than just hypothesised? I’m thinking either late in the Jimmy Olsen run or soon after the title change to Superman Family. (It was during his “Mr. Action!” days, if memory serves)