The Thing's Dick (Fantastic Four)

Is it covered in rock like the rest of his skin? Does it work? I mean, he’s got to be able to pee at least, right? Would it tear a woman apart? Have they ever covered this in the comics?

I recall he had a long-lasting love interest, Alicia Masters, but I don’t recall any Thinglings.

Did he ever try to get it on with She-Thing?

It works just fine…

…it just spews sand. :smiley:

Wouldn’t it always be hard?

Yes. First series, issue #317, page 9.

after four hours he should consult a physician.

I had a friend who had an orange dick but that’s because his two favorite things were porn mags and Cheeto’s.

I read this some five minutes ago and have just managed to crawl back off the floor to the keyboard (wipes tear from eye…)

you’re welcome :smiley:

Dude, that isn’t even the most intriguing dick** in his own supergroup**. Mr. Fantastic could ream Sue out from the next room. You didn’t think his superhero name referred to his crime-fighting prowess, did you?

Does it burn when The Human Torch pees?

Shoulda titled this thread “Thing’s thing” Then we could have referred to the thread as the “Thing’s thing thing.”

I remember Fred Hembeck having Susan Richards being interviewed for a women’s magazine…

Interviewer: Mrs. Richards, our readers would like to know…what is your favorite room for…you know, having fun?

Sue: The kitchen…from the bedroom.

Interviewer: Surely you mean the kitchen and the bedroom, don’t you?

Sue (with a wink): Why do you think they call him Mr. Fantastic?

Then, if the Fantastic Four met the Addams Family…?

Stan Lee was asked this question once. As I recall, he declined to give any real answer.

That’s Amoxicilly.

You should be jailed at Thing Thing


Is that columnar jointing or are you just glad to seamy?

And if part of his skin is chiselled off his upper body, does it grow back, or will he always have a chip on his shoulder?

(A somewhat-related side note - I’m glad they’ve started drawing bulges on the boy heroes. It was awfully weird-looking for all these manly men to be running around in tights with blank spaces where their crotch should be.)

In the Fantastic Four anniversary special (which was a story about Reed and Sue’s wedding anniversary), Sue turns to Reed at one point and tells him ‘You have the best superpower ever.’

His thing would fester?

Not to interrupt the hilarious joke-fest, but I always figured the Thing had no dick, and that’s why he was always trying to get turned back into Ben Grimm.