Fantasy Draft Strategy: Could this work?

Paul Bessire seems think that by ranking players by expected value compared to the other players you can create a more valuable team. Its quite interesting but I can’t think of anything that would make this a bad idea. Does it have any flaws (obviously if Player X doesn’t produce)…

This will be my 2nd year of watching football and playing along in a fantasy league so any edge I can get, the better :cool:

There are plenty of strategies for fantasy sports, and this one is as sound as any. In an auction style league, success is related not just to the quality of the players you get but the price you pay for them. Landing Carson Palmer for $40 and landing him for $11 are two very different things. The value approach doesn’t work in a straight draft league, obviously.

FWIW, I have written books about fantasy sports (football and baseball), and I’ll tell you what all the other prognosticators won’t. Fantasy sports are not unlike most games of chance… there is some element of skill involved, but most of what determines your success are elements out of your control.

Just a player of FF but I wouldn’t try it. To me his team looks horrible. LT2 is great of course, Brees will be fine but the rest of that team?

Plus the thing about Kickers is they all tend to bunch even more the WRs do, which he made a big deal about.

YMMV of course, but I would never draft a K that early. No one wins a championship because of a Kicker.

IMO Fantasy championships are not won in the first couple rounds of the draft, they are won in rounds 4-6 when you take your RB3, WR2/WR3 and TE/QB. Just like in the real thing depth is key. Players will get hurt. Surprises will happen. Having depth allows you to replace players who are having subpar seasons or you can trade them to shore up other weaknesses in your team.

The question is how you determine the expected value. Where do rookies fit in for example?