Fantasy Football advice

First year i have ever played a FFL,got lots of questions but this one comes first…

Would you play J. Gray from NE or I. Crowell from Cleveland this week?

The stats favor Crowell, but I really want to start Gray,what do you think?

J Charles is my other back who is certainly playing.

I probably play Crowell. Gray sure had a helluva week, but that was largely due to Belichick’s plan to run an extra lineman and just run, run, run. That plan was made specifically for the Colts, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll do it again. In fact, I’m reasonably sure that he won’t, given that Detroit is massively better versus the run than Indy, and Detroit has certainly been preparing for that attack. The Lion’s D-line will send Gray to IR if they tried that again.

All that said, Gray proved that he’s a capable RB. I think Vereen will be more involved this week, though, as a pass catching back, and that limits Gray’s upside.

I sure hope you took this advice. 20.8 vs a goose egg.

I did, thanks!