Fantasy Football early general discussion

Yahoo opened their fantasy football site with all the dates expecting that the football season will start on time. I’ve renewed the auction, all pro, and big leagues and everyone who participated last year has been sent an invite to rejoin. I’ll be recruiting in a few weeks to fill any empty slots for anyone who doesn’t rejoin this year.

I set the draft times for their equivelants from last year - auction league drafts tuesday aug 30th at 9:45ET, all-pro is thursday sep 2 at 9:45, and big league is 9:15 on tuesday sep 6 at 9:15 eastern. We went with the later starts last year to allow west coast people to get home from work and in general it seemed to work fine.

They added some new scoring metrics like bonuses for big plays, penalties for pick sixes, and new defensive scoring, I’ll detail them later when I have time to look it over. You can apparently officially trade draft picks pre-draft now instead of manually doing it like we’ve done in previous years. You can setup the playoffs like the NFL playoffs where it isn’t a straight bracket but the highest seed always plays the lowest seed. And there appears to be more control over draft timing settings.

I’ll branch off into the league threads closer to the start of the season. For now feel free to use this thread as your general fantasy football discussion - whether football will even start, proposing new leagues, discussing players, etc. Whatever goes.

Actually, the auction league ran 10 handed last year due to late cancellations, so I will be recruiting 2 people to get it back up to 12, so you can contact me about that now. I’d prefer people who have a history of being reliable in other SDMB leagues, but I’ll consider everyone. It is absolutely essential that you attend an auction draft though, even moreso than a snake draft, so if you intend to sign up make sure that you can make the draft.

I don’t think this site has the following for it, but is anyone interested in NCAA fantasy football? Lot less scarcity there, so bigger leagues can work.

And that season is more likely to take place too.

I’d be very interested in playing in a 2 QB league this year either with the SDMB or if you’ve got a spot in an existing non-SDMB league.

I’ll be doing the College Pick Em game again, as I did last year. If there is an NFL season, and there is interest, I will run an NFL fantasy league with the traditional (non-auction) draft, but I won’t do that until the established leagues are full, because it wouldn’t be fair to siphon off players from those leagues. My leagues will not use the “SDMB” name, to avoid confusion.

I’m in for the Big League but what about the Dynasty League?

**Varlosz **runs that league. I’m hoping it is renewed for this year.

Me too. I haven’t played on the SDMB before, but I have always wanted to try a 2 QB league.

If there is a spot available in the auction league let me know too. I don’t know if the league I played in last year is going to end up running again, but even if it is I should have time for a second.

I’d be interested. I’d prefer it to be a larger league, 14 teams at least, but I think it would be fun,

He just sent out invites. Check your e-mail.

I am so amped for another year of the Dynasty League!

Me too! Out of all my leagues, I consider it my “main” league.

Me too. And not only because I’m the champ.

The dynasty league is definitely interesting, but I’ve come to consider the auction league my main league simply because the level of competition has been consistently extremely high. I think any one of us in the auction league would be the the favorites to win the vast majority of other leagues.

Varlos, when you get a chance, poke around the dynasty league settings. They claimed they were adding more support for keeper/dynasty leagues but I don’t know what that means in terms of specifics. Maybe you can set the starting rosters this year to the final rosters of last year? It’d be helpful to have the rosters so we could start discussing trades. I have 4 of the top 10 TEs, for instance…

We have some new scoring metrics to work with this year.

Pick Sixes Thrown
40+ Yard Completions
40+ Yard Passing Touchdowns
40+ Yard Rushing Attempts
40+ Yard Rushing Touchdowns
40+ Yard Receptions
40+ Yard Reception Touchdowns

4th Down Stops
Tackles for Loss
Defensive Yards Allowed - Negative
Defensive Yards Allowed 0-99
Defensive Yards Allowed 100-199
Defensive Yards Allowed 200-299
Defensive Yards Allowed 300-399
Defensive Yards Allowed 400-499
Defensive Yards Allowed 500+
Three and Outs Forced

I want to use all of them, I think. I like big play bonuses. Some people don’t like that they boost what is already a very good score, but the whole thing about fantasy football is that you’re watching your guy hoping he’ll make a big play - I think it fits well with the spectator part of it to have bonus points for huge plays.

Defensive yards allowed is generally a better metric of defensive performance than scoring, although not so much that I’d like to replace it entirely. Maybe reduce the amount of points we give you to the scoring defense, and add points for the low yardage totals?

Tackles for loss and Three and outs forced seem like decent categories, but so common we’d have to keep them down to like half a point each.

And I like that we can punish a pick six above and beyond a normal interception now, since it’s so much worse on average.

What do you guys think about the new categories?

Hoping we never have an auction or dynasty league. Every year it is brought up only to be shot down.

Who’s we? The sdmb has had an auction league for 5 years now, and the big league will be going on its second year of auction drafts. Our dynasty league is in year 3. Also, what difference does it make to you that they exist? Why would anyone hope they never happen? Bizarre.

Oh, one more setting, there can be IR spots like bench spots now that can only be used for players on IR. I wouldn’t mind adding 2 of those to the dynasty league… no sense in punishing someone for having their guy randomly get injured, at least give them a chance to work around it.

How could we forget! :wink:

Not a big deal for me, but personally I’m not too wild about the offensive categories. Big plays are already hugely important, and there’s both a lot of variance and a certain amount of luck involved: often the only difference between a 39-yard run and a 50-yard run is how far away the goal line was, so it adds an extra layer of players getting a bonus for their circumstance and not their performance. OTOH, it might be a decent counter-weight for PPR leagues, which would tend to reward players on dink 'n dunk offenses instead of more vertical schemes.

I like the defensive categories a lot more, especially 3 & Outs and Tackles For Loss. Yards are probably a better baseline measure for fantasy defense than points*, though we’d have to have a discussion about whether or to what extent it would be better to switch the two. In the Dynasty league, I’d be very interested in figuring out how to integrate these categories in a major way while keeping roughly the same fantasy balance between DEFs and skill players.
I haven’t looked at the new dynasty features yet. I’ll do that within a few days and probably get the thread going, too, though it almost feels like a jinx to act as if there’s really going to be a season that doesn’t start in mid-October.

  • => That’s an off-the-cuff statement, I’m sure there are things I haven’t considered yet.