Fantasy Football state of affairs

I’ve noticed that this past week’s NFL results have quieted down the usual level of chatter in the fantasy leagues I participate in. I would like to ask: Were the pre-season rankings of the players a good indicator of how well they’ve performed?

I know that injuries are unexpected (goodbye, Mike Alstott) but poor play by players and teams that were rated highly pre-season may be screwing some fantasy teams up. (Donovan McNabb, anyone?)

For example: The Steelers’ Plaxico Burress and Hines Ward were both within the top 20 rankings at WR pre-season; the fortunes of the team have their individual scoring very low- is either in the Top 20 now? Oakland has been in a funk all season; fantasy teams depending on Gannon are having a tough time.

Who do you feel are the biggest busts and the unexpected gems so far this year? Who lived up to the pre-season hype, and who didn’t?

Umm, my whole ff team. Does that count?

Tiki is bumming me out. He should be doing better.

Ed McCaffrey stinks, as does Chrebet, but I really didn’t expect much out of them But as it turns out, I should have expected less. The Green Bay D, which was ranked somewhere around 8th, has not impressed. I guess my record reflects my teams talent. It’s my fault really. I screwed up the dates and the computer picked for me.

Damn. I just posted a wonderful and insightful post that was eaten by the hamsters. Now you’ll just have to wait until the end of the season.

The rankings were worse than worthless. I have:

QB-Rich Gannon, Aaron Brooks, Tommy Maddox
RB-Ricky Williams, Eddie George, Warrick Dunn
WR-David Boston, Rod Smith, Amani Toomer, Tim Brown, Justin McCarens, Dante Stallworth
TE: Kyle Brady, Jim Kleinsasser
K: Jason Elam, Ryan Longwell
DEF: Miami, Buffalo

The only decent production I’ve gotten on a regular basis has been from Elam and the Buffalo defense. I’m dragging in last place, at the moment. Looking at that roster, I STILL can’t believe I’m in last place. And my QBs have had some good days…usually when I bench em after 3 weeks of 193 yards, 3 INTs.

It could be worse. I forget who, but someone from the SDMB pickem league wanted Tiki, but his co-owners forced him to take Curtis Martin. :eek:

I feel you, my brother. Gannon was my savior last year and he’s been my goat this season. (I’ve lost two games starting him where, if I’d started Steve the Mac Nair instead, I would have won and would be undefeated.) How can you not produce against the Bears, for Pete’s sake?

Amani Toomer’s also been a disappointment – for his power ranking this year he’s been okay but nothing spectacular. (I need me some WR love to offset the huge numbers that some of the RBs on the other teams are putting up. This season, on the right week Priest Holmes and Ahman Green will beat you all by themselves.)

My gems this season have been, of all people and things, Jon Kitna and Chad Johnson. Who’da thunk that the Bungles would be putting up decent fantasy numbers?

That would be me. Every week they get a CJ vs Tiki report from me just to ride them. And to add insult to injury, even though we’ve done pretty well in our other positions (Portis has been a stud most weeks), we’ve been bringing out the best in all of our opponents. I’m pretty sure we’ve had the most points scored on us of any team.

The Raiders in general have messed me up. Gannon in particular. FIVE points against the BEARS! I was so mad. Garner has not been much better, although he has improved the last few weeks. What makes me even more upset is I happen to have Patrick Ramsey on my team, which is the sleeper QB pick of the year next to Quincy Carter (I didn’t choose him…I was stuck with him) and the one week I decided to start him and becnh Gannon he did nothing. I choose the wron one every week.

           Barber has been OK for me.  No running back, except maybe Portis and Holmes, have been that spectacular this year.  Travis Henry has also been a disappointment, though.  I think the luck of it all is just cathing up with me.  I caught some good breaks last year.  This year seems to be evening it all out.

You know, I wasn’t even going to take Gannon! I’d picked Brooks up the round before, but when it came back to me, he was still on the board and I said something like, “Hell, didn’t he lead the league in passing last year? Why am I not taking him?”

Boston’s been suck all year, except last week when he put up like 181 yards. FINALLY.

That’s because Boston was playing us in our money league last weekend. He’ll return to nothing in a moment. Ditto Travis Henry and Brett Favre. There was another guy that you should avoid as well, I’ll let you know if his name comes to me.