fantasy nba?

probably off topic for the board, but this is the only one i check, so screw it.

i have a cbs sportsline league going and we’re in dire need of some more participants.

right now, we have maybe 2 basketball fanatics, two guys who watch nba games on a semi-regular basis, and a couple girls who couldn’t pick tim duncan out of a lineup (one of those girls won it all last year, go figure…). so it’s all over the place, and if you’ll be somewhat active in the league, we’d love to have you.

it’s 9.95 for the season. fun stuff.

if you’re interested, write me at

oh, the deadline is midnight tonight. the draft is at 10 pm firday night, i think. if you’re interested write me and i’ll send you all the nuts-and-bolts info.