Farewell, Candlestick Park!

Today’s the last day of Giants baseball at Candlestick “Don’t EVER Call It 3Comm” Park in San Francisco. I’m sure I’m in the very small minority, but I have always loved that place. I’ve been going to ballgames there regularly since I was five years old. Sure it’s cold sometimes, and the wind is murder, but what a great place to see a game. I went to a night game two days ago to pay my last respects, and it was 70 degrees when the game let out! I was till in shorts and t-shirt at 10:30. Fantastic way to say goodbye. At least it’s being replaced with something good. PacBell Park it looking like a real winner. Can’t wait for next year. Go Giants!

Tiger Stadium closed this week too. Sigh. Do staduim closings come in threes, like plane crashes? Who’s next?

I went to see the Astros play last night at the Dome. Great game; I’ve always enjoyed ballgames in the Astrodome.

But, their last game there is, I believe, this Sunday.

What’re they going to do with Candlestick?

Supposedly the Houston Sports Authority is going to keep the Dome going, but there’s only one rodeo every year, it’s a lousy concert venue and I just don’t think there will be enough Monster Truck Rallies to make it work.

The 49er’s will still play at the 'Stick, but it’s not the same as a baseball game. Anyhow, trying to get a ticket to a 'Niner game is almost impossible, and very expensive if you can actually find a ticket.

They closed Candlestick Park? I cannot effing believe it. Tiger Stadium closed down too this week, but I had only been to a couple of games there, so it didn’t bother me all that much. I have very fond memories, however, of Candlestick. I must have went to a couple of dozen games there when I was just a wee little kid.


Here in Seattle we have a new baseball-only stadium, complete with a corporate sponsor (Safeco Field). Next year, we start on a football-only stadium (name is still up for bid!) and tear down the mighty Kingdome.

It makes me foam and sputter with fury to think about how this came to be.

Just the practical consequences are astounding; we took a multipurpose stadium and replaced it with two single-purpose stadiums in the heart of the industrial sector south of downtown. Two stadiums, two huge parking lots, and you can’t do a damn thing in them during the spring!

No Home Show. No RV Show. No Boat Show. No Garden Show. No Monster-Truck rallies. No motocross races. No arena-rock concerts. No trade shows. No conventions. No Promise-Keepers rallies. No Democratic Party conventions. No circuses.

Oh, and a couple hundred million bucks of public debt, not a penny of which was willingly approved by taxpayers. The flipping Kingdome will be imploded next spring… and it’s not even paid for yet !

In 1995, the Mariners owners threatened to move the team out of town if they didn’t get a new stadium. A referendum went on the ballot, which FAILED. About that time, the M’s went on an absolute tear- for a month they probably lost four games - and looked like serious contenders for the pennant. They had to settle for AL West champions.

But… about two weeks not before the M’s washed out of the pennant race, the legislature quietly overturned the ballot failure and gave the stadium money on an emergency basis. Only a supermajority of the legislature PLUS the Governor’s vote can overturn emergency expenditures. Those who protested were hushed because we were seen as anti-baseball.

Fast-forward a couple of years. The Seahawks owner says he’ll move the team out of town if we don’t build him a new stadium. Sound familiar? To the rescue comes Paul Allen, billionaire cofounder of Microsoft. Sure, he says, I’ll buy the team and keep it here, but only if I get a new stadium. But wait, we need a vote to approve that kind of municipal bond, and there’s none scheduled soon, and we can’t afford the logistics for an out-of-schedule referendum!

No problem, says Paul. I’ll pay for the ballots. For the polling places. For the counting of the ballots.

Who do you think won?

Is there any more clear example of SELLING AN ELECTION ! The leftists around here went nuts a couple of years ago when initiative ballot gatherers were paid 10 bucks an hour to walk around downtown and collect signatures for an anti-taxation initiative. Un-democratic, they said. Paul Allen paid for the flippin’ ballot slips !

Allowing an election or referendum’s outcome to be fixed by payment is called TREASON.

I’m going back down to Tacoma where the Raniers play on real grass and real dirt and we sit in the stands and drink cold beer and squint into the sunshine. At least down there they play baseball.

They’re getting rid of Mile High Stadium in Denver, too. sighs

. . . But on a bright note, they’re going to restore the bucking bronco over the south (west? Dang, I forgot which) stands and put it up in the new stadium.
– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon

Sniff, sniff, I’m never going back to Candlestick ever again. Unless I can get 49er tickets.
But, I am happy I went to the entire last series, and got the Final Croix de Candlestick and the Tell it Goodbye Pin.
I bet the grounds crew is happy as hell, cuz they don’t have to convert the place from baseball to football overnight.
I’m gonna miss that place, too. I’ve been an on/off Giants fan over the years, but I know I’m here to stay. On to Pac Bell.
For anyone who missed it, 9/29 was the last night game, with Tommy Lasorda and Crazy Crab. Lasorda came down the right field line one last time, and was presented a Croix de Candlestick, while wearing a blue Dodger jacket with the misspelled “Lasodra” on the back. Interesting. Of course, he was booed nonstop. He said, I would like to thank you for the wonderful reception you bestowed upon me this wonderful evening. It’s great to know I have so many friends. … I feel this in my heart: You hate yourselves because you love me!" So true, Tommy, so true.
Then Crazy Crab was driven in from center in a limo, and no one really cared. How could he follow Tommy? The crab tossed the first pitch, then left. He announced a batter in the 3rd (?) and said (I’m paraphrasing): “I hate you all too, and I hope the Dodgers sweep you!” funny, but didn’t happen. Ironically, I went the whole game in a T-shirt. I dunno, I think it shoulda been a lot colder. Like 38 or something like that.
Then today, 930, the last baseball game ever to be played at Candlestick Park. The game was good for the first half, then the fucking Dodgers pulled away and won. They were booed went they left the field. After the game, they hacked up home plate, and a CHP helicopter flew up Third St to Pac Bell park, where they placed it on home plate there. Willie Mays threw out the ceremonial last pitch, and teh ball will be tossed, much like the Olympic torch, through Northern Cal and Nevada. It’ll be the first pitch ball on opening day at Pac Bell (4/11/2000). Before the game, Val Diamond of Beach Blanket Babylon sang “San Francisco” and some Grateful Dead members samg the anthem, with two fly-bys by, well, not the Blue Angels, but I’ll get back to you on that.
After the game, among all the cops and police horses, about 50+ ex-Giants were assembled on the field with the 99 Giants. Included were Robby Thompson, Jack Clark, Roger Craig, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, and Bobby Bonds.
I’m definitely glad I got to see it (in URES2 Row 1, no less). Farewell, Candlestick, and forever: Beat LA and fuck 3Com Corp!!!

JMcC from SFCA
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Candlestick for baseball sucked. I can remember quite a few mid-week night games watching my beloved Cubs (ah, shaddap!) in July where I was forced to wear clothing more appropos to Lambeau Field in November. Upper Deck Reserved listening to the vendors asking you to buy cold malts is an experience to be missed, trust me.

The Giants will be much better off in the new park, though anyone who thinks there won’t be ANY wind hasn’t been to SOMA…

Good Luck Giants in your new stadium! :slight_smile:

They called the place “a toilet with the lid up” for a reason.

Wasn’t it interesting that Candlestick Park survived the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake will only slight damage? Makes me wonder whether the corporate know-it-alls deserve to survive anything.

With only slight damage. Excuse me.

Dougie, no offense, but no one mentions that the Oakland-Alameda Colosseum survived with almost no damage, and it is essentially as close to the epicenter of the Loma Prieta quake as Candlestick was…

I personally thought it was bad news it suffered ANY damage. What if the quake had been centered IN SF??