Farewell McSteamy

Eric Dane is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after three more episodes. LINK

Creator Shonna Rhimes says the show will focus on Alex and Jackson for its beefcake. No problem there, although it would be nice if Alex’s jerkiness was toned down a little. I wonder why she didn’t mention Owen, whom I think is a hunk.

With McSteamy, Lexie, and Teddy gone, it would be foolish to kill off any more major characters just for kicks, so maybe Arizona will survive the plane crash.

I’d like to see the show focus a lot more on Bailey, although not necessarily on her love life, unless they can find her a worthy love interest.

Season 9 starts Sept. 27!

I am rather bummed that Dr. Sloane is leaving. He was such an arrogant ass that it took a while for him to grow on me; now I really will miss him!

Wonder what’s going to happen to Owen and Cristina. The ep where he told her about the affair was gut-wrenching to watch.

Not a big Callie-Arizona fan, unfortunately. I wish them well, I’m just not really emotionally invested in either of them. The musical episode did not help.

Very glad there will be no more Teddy. Shonda seemed legitimately surprised that people didn’t like Teddy. News flash, Shonda - Teddy is kind of a bitch, and some of us have a hard enough time putting up with Cristina. (Personally I love Cristina, but she really does say some mean crap.)

Poor Lexie. I think the consensus is the actress genuinely wanted to leave - it was Shonda who decided she needed to leave in the most gut-wrenching way possible. Why can’t she let characters we actually like leave the show alive? Lexie and George die, yet Lucy and Izzie get to live.

Ugh, I hated Lucy. She reminded me of one of the cheerleaders from *Hellcats *on the CW. And I’ve gotten to the point when rewatching past episodes whenever Izzie’s jabbering on about something to yell at the TV, “No one cares, Izzie, shut up!”

Whew. Guess I’ve been holding on to some of that for awhile. :smiley: