Hide your lesbians! Brooke Smith axed from Grey's Anatomy

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:frowning: From what very little I saw of Dr. Hahn, I liked her–she was scrappy and feisty and stood up to Christina and was kind of cool. Shonda Rhimes is dancing kind of weirdly around the issue (“it’s not about being gay–Callie’s still gay, it’s just that she and Brooke obviously wouldn’t last”), and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some office politics going on.

Meh, good riddance. I always thought Dr. Hahn was an insufferable bitch who needed to get over herself.

I will say that when I saw “Grey’s Anatomy” in a thread title I assumed it was because the show had been cancelled. I’m the only person I know who still watches it.

I’m not a fan of the show, but a friend tells me they really stress Callie’s bisexuality.

My girlfriend loves it still.

As someone who half-pays attention to the show for the babeage factor (most of the women) and wonder at how Dempsey is considered so dreamy when asshole plastic surgeon doctor is obviously much hunkier, I think Hahn was just a white female version of the asshole brilliant surgeon to replace their black male version of the asshole brilliant surgeon.

And she was really creepy looking to me. No, don’t know why.


I saw the last episode - they made a point of Callie sleeping with her and McSteamy the same day to ‘compare’ the sex. She says she likes it with both.

Dr. Hahn ticks off the higher ups in the same episode, for not being a team player on a big surgery, so it does seem like they are setting up for her to leave.

You are not the only one. I’m here too! And I agree about Hahn. I don’t know how she continues to be ambulatory what with the heavy chip on her shoulder and the giant wedge in her ass. I was hoping Callie would fuck some relaxation into her life but no, she’s still a bitch.

Callie is one of my favorite characters. Well, her and Dr. Bailey. I hope Dr. Hahn takes off in a helicopter then aims it straight for Izzy so we can kill two birds with one stone. And then Meredith will get all depressed and kill herself again.

Count me in. I watch Grey’s religiously, though it’s one of those things that I love to hate. I can’t stand most of the characters – aren’t they all insufferable bitches who need to get over themselves? Meredith, especially, but I was just warming up to Hahn. I hate Yang, and I loved Hahn if for no other reason than because she stood up to her.

Alex and Izzie can be written off in some freak accident together. Shepherd and Sloan are by no means attractive, let alone dreamy. Callie’s okay, but she drags the stories down a lot, IMO. That leaves… George and Bailey. My two favorite characters.

Actually, I’d watch The Dr. Bailey Show religiously.

They wanted a positive gay plotline because of all the attention with the black guy saying faggot at an awards show. Now that they have accomplished that they don’t want to spend so much screen time on tertiary characters like Hawn and Callie. They want the focus to go back on Meredith and George.

Probably a holdover from Silence of the Lambs, where she was instructed to “rub the lotion on its skin.”

One of those “hey! that’s whatshername!” moments for me.

:smack: Aha!

They’re all bugging me at this point, but I still catch up with it after The Office. Callie experimenting is getting on my nerves, since she is messing with Hahn’s emotions, but whatever.

And Lexi, pining after George? Ugh.

Which is the problem - there were so many good reasons to get rid of Dr. Hahn (or totally re-write her storylines) and ABC seems to have picked the bad one.

I’m not all that sad to see her go. Her character was okay, but she had zero chemistry with Ramirez. And I would have rather they focused on their emotional connection. Callie going to Sloan so he could show her how to go down on a woman was just awful. It’s not homophobia as it would be equally repulsive to me if she wanted advice on how to give head. Some things are best left on the editing table.

The show is starting to turn into Melrose Place with too many leads and not enough new and interesting for them to do, so they end up screwing each other. Best to get rid of some of the cast who have played out their storylines, such such as Izzy or the head dude (whose name I forget). Even Sloane is extraneous, which bums me out.

Grey’s Anatomy for the hotties? Seriously?

If you want hotties, try Private Practice. Like Grey’s it’s too stupid to watch with the sound on, but it’s got actual grown-up hot chicks on it.

I’ve only watched a couple of episodes in the last couple of years but I have to admit that up until now I thought Dr Hahn was played by Kelly Coffield. (Okay, in keeping with my ignorance on this issue what I actually thought was "Hey, that’s that woman who used to be on In Living Color.)

Good. I’m terribly sick of the Callie/Hahn plotline, and I never liked Hahn anyway. Maybe they can have a likeable brilliant surgeon next. Say, now that Jericho is over Skeet Ulrich is availble…

If they axe the George/Lexie subplot too, the rest of the season will be a lot more watchable. Even before the actor who plays George came out, it was baffling that so many women wanted him. Whiny, insecure and mostly spineless, what’s not to lust after, right?

I like what I like, and Heigl has been high on my list since Under Siege 2. Add in Chyler Leigh and Pompeo (who is cute) or Oh (with a paper bag over her face) and it’s a pretty yummy cast. As for Private Practice, except for the black girl (sorry, don’t watch the show, don’t know the names except for big name Kate Walsh) they don’t do anything for me.


Sigh. I kind of liked the story line even though it tread perilously in some touchy areas such as coming out late in life and bisexuality. I can’t see how they’ll cut her out of the show in any intelligent manner.

Yeah but that’s called character development. You can see her softening and maybe being called out on some of her personality flaws will lead to some soul searching.

I still watch it and like it a lot, especially now that they’ve gotten past the Mer Der will they or won’t they drama. They probably need to highlight a few of the interns more since that aspect of the show gave it a lot of it’s freshness the first season.

Well with Mer, it was a moment of weakness when George happened to say the exact thing she needed to hear at that precise time. With Callie, she’s just about as whiny, insecure, and spineless (despite her pushiness) as George. Lizzie made sense - they really were like two peas in a pod for a time. Mer’s sister is more on the same page as Geroge so that makes sense too.

Yeah I hope they don’t turn around and make her a full time lesbian like what happened with Willow. It’s fine if she just dates women, but they shouldn’t pretend like she has stopped liking the boys.

Derrick is dreamy. Plastic surgeon guy is steamy. One you want to marry. The other you want to fuck til the cows come home.