Farorite fantasy character?

I really liked Roger Zelazney’s character of Dilvish.

For those unfamiliar with him, he was a guy who was cast into hell by a wizard for interfering with an important spell. Dilvish then spends the next two or three centuries in hell, in which time he learns a fair amount of demonic spells. With some demonic assistance, Dilvish manages to escape from hell. Aided by a demonic steed, and possessing spells of immense power, Dilvish seeks to slay the wizard who sent him to hell.

Anyways. Share your favorite character.

Red Sonja.
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Death from Diskworld.

Harold Shea (from the Incomplete Enchanter series)
Granny Weatherwax (from Discworld)


Jame of Knorth, from P.C. Hodgell’s Kencyrath novels (Godstalk,Dark of the Moon, and Seeker’s Mask). I identify with her…which is disturbing once you realize that she’s an amnesiac avatar of the god of destruction. She means well, though.

She’s the one the Widow Cleppetania is referring to in the quote in my current sig, BTW.

it’d be Samwise Gamgee.

If I could marry any one from a fantasy book, it’d be Kahlan Amnell or Brienne of Tarth.

My favorite is Collan Rosvenir from Melanie Rawn’s Exiles books.

He’s a red headed Minstrel with a sarcastic wit and a way with words. I love him, I really really do.

If he was real… Well, let’s just say that I would willingly bear his children…

It’s a tradeoff between Ellegon, the dragon from Joel Rosenberg’s Guardians of the Flame series or Diana Tregarde from Mercedes Lackey’s Guardian novels.

Tough one. Let’s give it a shot:

**Corwin of Amber.

Roland of Gilead.

**My namesake, **Prince of ______.

Eowyn the shieldmaiden. She rocks my world. Brave lady. She has more balls than most men!

Corwin of Amber…feh


Almost any character from Callahan’s Crosstime Salon.

Evayne a’Nolan or Kallandras of Senniel from Hunter’s Oath and Hunter’s Death.
Alaric Morgan from the Deryni Chronicles and the Histories of King Kelson.
Maeniel from The Silver Wolf and Night of the Wolf.
Vlad Taltos from the Jhereg novels.

Raistlin from the Dragonlance Choronicles.

What’s not to love?

OK, maybe that whole world domination thingie.

Elric Melniboné

I always wanted to be Tinker Bell.

Van or Stefan from Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald Mage trilogy

Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Tarma from Mercedes Lackey’s Vows and Honor series.
Silk from David Eddings’s Belgariad and Malloreon series.

Carrot Ironfounderson from diskworld.