FarrisGoldstein, get in here, you ignorant piece of shit

ponch: it was the statement itself, and the consequent lack of proof. I can’t really blame Farris for taking away the attention from the OP: he posted it as a “P.S.” that seemed unrelated to his anecdote. I’m as guilty of drawing away the attention from the OP as he is, if not more.

But then again, I’m not an idiot, and he seems to be one. Who would you rather see hijack a thread? A smart or a dumb guy?


Oh come on Nurl, you don’t really expect the teeming millions to suck in such ridiculous claims as the one stated by Farris without question or at least a sarcastic comment, do ya?

If so, you haven’t been around the SDMB long enough.
"Here kitty kitty. . . ".





I truly thought (hoped) you were just screwing with him and making a big satire of the whole thing.

Like I’m supposed to belive that you really got THAT upset over the fact that he thinks his cat can understand stuff? Yea right.

This was serious?

Then, post-Techchick’s fight w/lizardguy, and the satire bit he pulled, I thought you were showing how REAL satire works.

HMMMM. You can say you were serious, but I’ll keep believing that you were kidding. It’s more Coldfiresque that way. It’s the reason I like you: Your sense of humor and in the face of the absurd! :stuck_out_tongue:

okatym, read the thread, it’s linked in the OP. It wasn’t as simple as that. If it had been, sure, I would not have gotten this mad. But I’m really quite serious, even though I still try to be funny at the same time. Confusing, huh :wink:


-.5 for not telling him to felch his depressed cat.

Farris, I don’t mean to sound like a coldhearted asshole (even though maybe I am), and I like cats a lot. In fact, I like almost all animals that don’t eat me or sting me. {/quote]
I have to say, that Coldie used a bad word first.


I don’t know how but my cat knew when I was leaving for college, maybe it was the boxes, who knows, but the things acted different.

That’s all I can say.

You know, the first person to develop either a vaccine or a cure for “dumbshitness” will be a trillionaire in just a few days. Although I would slightly miss the grim humor of how stupid some people really are, I think I would prefer not having to bother with people like that.

I’m with coldfire here, because he said:

He just wants an answer. So Farris, if it wasn’t English what was it? Did you give subliminal clues or what? All coldy wants is a damn explanation! If Farris had answered maybe it wouldn’t have elavated this far.

9.4 It’s nice to see a really intelligent flame in the pit. And I like the fact that there wasnt’ excess profantiy in it. that shit is getting really fucking old.

How exactly did he get so pissed over that given that he should have had a perfectly reasonable answer–the cat sees the suitcase and associates it with a past bad experience. Jesus, anybody with an animal knows that can learn pretty damn quick.
But then again, maybe somebody has voice-dubbed his cat, a la * Mr Ed * or * Homeward bound, * I can see how that would get confusing :rolleyes:

Oh, and BTW I’m not with Snivel, he’s a damn Jesus Freak, which is tops on my petpeave list.

I was merely disecting Coldie’s argument.

It was a very well laid out rant BTW.

I think I’ll sign off now… and get a life!

:confused: What the hell?

Do we have a disgusted lurker who wants us to know that we all suck, or… ::drumroll:: a SOCKFUCKER?!

I nearly spit on my keyboard. I have shared this with my cat-sitting friend. Much better than the “cat calendar” hypothesis.

No one knows you’re a cat on the Internet…

What an insightful first post, and in the pit no less!
A round of applause for Ms. Gargoyle!!! or should i say


My fault there.

I posted a link to the nuts page, and if anyone here clicks on it, she sends…strange supporters.

(or maybe its a new sock - I dunno)

Gee, thanks Kelli. That was really helpful :rolleyes:

Pizzle Boy: I see you have learned very little in your few weeks of abscence. This thread is not about Sneevil, it is about FarriGoldstein. Next time you declare one of my rants “well laid out”, I’d appreciate it if you read it first.

Farris? Where are you, Farris? Tell you what, it’s OK too if your cat responds instead of you.

Heeeeeere Kitty-kitty-kitty…

Well, I’ve had a cat, that as soon as it saw cardboard boxes collecting in the house and noticed furniture leaving would start pissing on sweaters and things in some passive-aggressive demonstration. And oh boy, when the plastic kennel-carrier comes out. . .

Oh, I almost forgot–I also dictated to the cat. It typed my masters thesis. It could spell in german, too. It did my taxes when I couldn’t use a 1040 EZ any more.


Well I have a cat named Toonces and he knows how to drive my car, so HA!

Maybe the cat was depressed because Farris wouldn’t come out from under his bed for 2 weeks…