fart temperature

I was wondering…often times when I fart the temperature of the emission seems hotter than at other times. The higher temperature fart usually corresponds to the smell of the same. I have thought about checking the temperature when I am in the throes of a smelly episode, but as of yet have not done so.
If this phenomena is not caused by a change in the temperature because of decomposition, could it be caused by the chemical make-up of the gas?
I’ve got too much time on my hands.


From “Facts on Farts”:

Perhaps this answers your question. Do you notice these so-called “hot farts” after recently ingesting spicey foods?

I don’t eat that many spicy foods but that hypothesis is clos to what I have been contemplating…hold on, my broccolli is done.

The temperature of the fart should be the same as body temperature. Correct me if you know I am wrong.

The OP (original pooter) is speaking of perceived fart temperature or PFT as opposed to actual fart temperature or AFT.

From Mr. Wizard, the Lost Episodes: Hey Billy. Mrs. Wizard and I had dinner at a mexican restaurant last night, and I feel a ripper coming on. Hold the thermometer right here… :eek: