Farting amongst men: a cultural thing?

Hi, I’m Tomcat and I fart when in the company of other guys. So do my friends. So do strangers I meet back home. You do a quick check to make sure the fairer sex is not present, then lift a cheek and let one go. Guys I know just sort of ignore it, or even make a joke about it. “Don’t step on the barking spider.”

But is this some Colorado culture-coral? I’ve worked in an office with South Africans for years now- up to 4 guys in a room and not one peep! What is it with them? Are they girly men or what? They even have an idiotic idiom even: “Pulling finger” means to work really hard! I told them to never ever say that in front of Americans…

And Czechs, well, same story. I never really hear anyone else’s butt. Not that I really WANT too, but, y’know. After 5 years, you think it would happen…


Although I hear of this as a stereotype of guys (It showed up on a recent cartoon of “The Fairly Odd Parents”, of all places), I have to admit that I’ve never been in a situation where freefor-all non-apologetic arting took place.

And I’ve been working in primarily-male or all-male environments for years. I’m an engineer.

I’m in commercial real estate sales and my division is 90% men, (all American) and we do not entertain each other by “cracking one off”. I can’t think of a single job I’ve ever had where this was accepted practice even when sitting around with other guys at lunch. Hanging out at someone’s house might be a different story, but at work or in public? Ummm… no.

:dubious: Hmmm… something smells funny.