Is it okay to fart in front of other people at work?

A day ago, I wouldn’t have thought this to be a controversial topic, but I’ve been told in a Pit thread that I have “hang-ups” about people farting at work.

So I pose the question to you, Dopers: is it okay to rip one at work in the presence of coworkers? Or is it reasonable to expect that if you share a workspace, your coworkers will keep the farting to a minimum? It seems very unprofessional to me.

ETA: Inspired by this Pit thread.

I fart in meetings to make them end faster.

I thought it was expected.

It depends. If you’re in the bathroom and someone else happens to be in there, then whatever.

The occasional poot in the same area as a coworker? Whatever.

If you make a habit of loud and extended farting, or trailing puttputtputt around the office, that’s a bit out of line.

When I was at work one of the guys farted so hard he blew his leg up so it was beside his face. He looked like Charlie Chaplin.

When I worked in an office, I made a point of crop dusting the cubicle farm so as not to foul my own.

I think it depends upon your workplace.

At a fancy office? Probably not okay.

At a machine shop? Probably okay.

At my last job I mostly worked alone. One day I was having a particularly nasty bout of flatulence, when a co-worker unexpectedly came to visit me. Um, sorry about that. :smiley:

If you work around other people, I’d say yeah, try to keep the smelly farting to a minimum.

Well, it depends. I don’t expect you to never fart…but please keep it quiet, for heaven’s sakes. The bathroom is right over there if you need more.

Depends on how much I like the co-worker.

:eek: No, never, of course not! :eek: Unless you’re in the washroom, of course.

I don’t care if it’s okay. If I fart, I fart. I will head to the restroom if time allows.

In a white-collar office setting, generally the answer is no. Unless of course you are in IT. Then knock yourself out.

We had a gal where I used to work who would leave a wake of SBD’s that would peel paint. She became known (by virtue of her prolific reeking) as The Phantom Pooter. Even today, decades after I left the place, one of my work buddies and I still use that monicker for her and have all but quit using her real name.

As for the OP’s question, I think it should be a condition of employment.

Sometimes leaving the room isn’t an option, but try not to make a habit out of it. snerk
I’d DEFINITELY avoid if you worked near a blast furnace.

I like to crop dust the hallways. I also like to fart going up escalators so people must ride thru my cloud.

You’ve helped me remember my favorite expression for farting: dropping a cloud. We need us a thread for synonyms, don’t we?

**Is it okay to fart in front of other people at work? **

It’s kind of a waste not to.


I worked in a place which had a ‘fart lock’. Two air tight doors very close together in a small corridor. You would often let one go and seal it in for the next person.

Where I work making noise is unacceptable, but c’cmon, everyone’s gotta fart sometime.