Fashion dork needs help

What kind of shoes are you supposed to wear with those reallly long, straight, sleek skirts with a slit up the side (slit only goes about halfway up the shins if that’s important).

I’ll be wearing it to the office, so stiletto heels are out.

Some kind of strappy sandals with low heels would be my first choice.

I often wear knee-high boots with my long black skirt, but the slit in yours might make that look bad.

Knee boots would be fine.
Low heeled closed-toe slingbacks would be very good (and there should be plenty of them in the shops at the moment). A low heeled or flat heeled mule would also be OK, but it really depends on the shoe. Are open toed shoes OK in your office?

If you buy new shoes, wear the skirt shoe shopping so you can see how the shoes go with it.

Well! As it happens, I have one pair of low heeled closed-toe slingbacks, and two pairs of knee boots, that I love to death but never seem to wear these days.

Thanks very much you two :slight_smile: