Fashion - What looks good with black jeans?

Spoilsport :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything goes with black jeans, sweetheart.

I have a gorgeous pair of black jeans I got in Turkey. Those suckers ride down so low that they might be in illegal in some states. I made a makeshift belt from a piece of purple rope, throw on my favorite purple short-sleeved shirt, and it’s a knockout look.

How YOU doin? :smiley:

Perhaps a white button-down topped with one of those corsety cropped tank tops them kids be wearing nowadays (or a cheap corset)? The nineties are coming back. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not so much that something wouldn’t “go” with them as it is a matter of finding the right top for the “look.” Dude! This is fashion 101!

Jeez Diosa, it must tiring to try and keep up with “fashion!” :wink:

I have been in and around “that crowd” all my life, and I’ll let you in on a little secret- if you look great in it, it’s fashionable and “in.” You would not believe (or maybe you would) what some of these gals will wear, but they look hot, so all of a sudden some fugly piece of trash in “in.”

Why the hell do you think they were wearing gauchos for a while?!? God-forsaken non-fashion statement, but there you go.

Black is always “in.” Jeans are always “in.” I think I can get by with a pair of black jeans, a cute Michael Star sweater and Jimmy Choos. In fact, I’m sure of it.

They’re jeans. I honestly agree with Dinsdale, you may be overthinking this just a bit.

If you think something looks nice with them, I’m inclined to believe that it shouldn’t matter if some girl in a mall somewhere says, “oh my GOD that was SO five minutes ago!” when you can’t hear her.

Personally, I think camo looks cute with black.

However, since I don’t really understand the driving force behind fashion outside of “This fits comfortably and is flattering”, I’d probably look elsewhere for serious fashion advice.

Well, for the last five or more years, black jeans have looked really, really dated. But, they’re coming back in and I’m gradually warming up to them. The newer black jeans are more of a really dark wash and aren’t the solid, jet black color of jeans in the past (and that make me think of faded Iron Maiden t-shirts).

I personally don’t like jewel tones with black, I think it’s looks very early 90’s. But beyond that, just wear what you would with regular jeans. Layered tanks or t-shirts are in right now. A collared shirt with a sweater vest is also cute and a little dressier. Tunics and flowy camis are still trendy this summer but I think are also on their way out. Shaped, fitted polos have also made a return and look classic with well-cut jeans and flats.