Fashion - What looks good with black jeans?

I finally found jeans that fit, so I bought them in 4 colors. All is well with the various shades of blue, but I find myself avoiding the black ones. What colors and styles of tops look good with black jeans? They are a little bit washed/faded, but not dramatically so. White blouses seem right out, the whole waitstaff look and all… Black also doesn’t seem to be working, since the shades of black don’t match. I’d like to get a slightly dressier look going with the black jeans, not the Metallica t-shirt look that I might have gone for in high school.

Any suggestions, fashionistas?

Graphic tees, colored crochet tops. Don’t be afraid of white, but how about a bright vest over a white shirt or tee?

Depending on how faded: jewel tones and other rich colors that are brightened when next to black.

White can work as well, just depends on how. White crochet halter top won’t give off the ‘oh, waiter!’ vibe (and if so, where have you been going out to eat? :smiley: ), while a standard white blouse probably will.

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Black jeans look great when topped with panties and crumpled on the floor near my bed…

Black tee-shirts, black wristbands, black boots, flying-V guitars.

Well, it seemed to work for Metallica.

*Everything. * YMMV.

NOT a puffy shirt!

Muscle tees in any color for casual (I like olive and khaki with black). For a dressier look, a sheer blouse over a tank or camisole, stiletto sandals, a chainy, spangly belt and a cute little purse.

Actually I think it was called a “pouffy” shirt.

“What’s looks good with black jeans?” Long legs and a nice ass.

How about a chengosam? Get either a shirt type on a dress type that is way too short to wear as a dress, at least outside, and the black jeans can dress down the dress up chengosam. Available in a variety of jewel tones.

More black works.

Or a bouffant!

As a couple of people have mentioned: bright, clear colors, like jeweltones, a really nice red, cobalt blue, etc.

Try pink with the black jeans. Red works well with black, IMHO, too.

Iron Maiden T-Shirt, long oily hair and Doc Martens.

Nothing. Black jeans have been out for a long while and are considered tacky in most fashion circles. (Go ahead, rail into me. I know someone will).

If they fit well and are comfortable, I’d just wear them around the house. Black jeans are up there with SUPER LIGHT FADED denim on the list of fashion faux pas. Just like “pegged leg” or inverted leg jeans. Just don’t do that to your ass, your ass has never done anything to you to deserve it. :slight_smile:

But seriously, there’s no “fashionable” way to wear black jeans. Not right now, at least.

I love black jeans, and wear them heaps, with everything from t-shirts to dress shirts.

But in this weather, the only thing that is certain to go with black jeans (or any jeans, for that matter), is a large set of sweat stains.

Here in Baltimore, i can usually go from May through September wearing nothing but shorts.

One of the girls I work with wore black jeans yesterday, and wore a form fitting tank top with it that was emerald green with sapphire blue mixed together (not tie-dyed, but a similar mingling pattern). She has tanned skin and dark reddish hair, and it looked great on her. (She’s also very short and thin, if that makes a lick of difference). She got a lot of compliments from customers yesterday, and that was the only thing different about her from the day before, so it must have worked. :wink:

Interesting! A jewel toned graphic tee is actually the only top I had found that I felt looked good with them, so it’s good at least some of you think I’m on the right track. Maybe I can find more along those lines.

Kalhoun, that outfit is so not me it’s downright comical, but I can picture it looking good on other people.

Nightsong, the white crochet halter is waiting for me to tan darker than approximately a marshmallow, firm my upper arms, and be able to stand crochet, but I agree it could be a good look for some.

DiosaBellisima, if they were really that out, why would a boutique be selling them for mumblety-mumble dollars? But I was actually kind of inclined to agree with you until folks came up with some pretty good suggestions.

Oakminster, if I can’t find the right top I’ll send them to you, crumpled. It will be BYOP, though.

Because there are people who are willing to pay mumblety-mumble dollars and the boutique owners needs heeps of mumblety? This is the same reason that you’ll still see “top” boutiques selling stirrup pants and sweaters with odd appliques on them. If there’s someone to buy it, they’ll sell it.

Don’t tell my wife, but they’re fucking jeans!
Any shirt goes with any jeans by definition, whether the jeans are blue, black, or grey.
So don’t give me any of that crap about “that shirt doesn’t go with those jeans.”