Fast Food Hoax (strip searches)

In a nutshell: man calls fast food restaurant says he’s a cop. Gets manager to strip search the girl and leave her naked for four hours, even gets the manager to call her fiance to ‘watch’ the girl, and get the fiance to accept a blowjob from the girl.

This stuff has apparently been happening all over the country since 1995! I mean, I understand the “don’t think, just do” attitude of fast-food employees and how it’s drummed into them… but “suck my dick or you’ll get fired” is NOT something that gets past a common sense filter, is it? And the guy who did it wasn’t an employee at all!

“Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.”

There’s just something about this line: “She initially was suspended, then later fired, for violating a McDonald’s rule barring nonemployees from entering the office.” that’s almost humorous in how bizzare it is.

Did you hear about the gas tankard truck driver who got blitzed on fourteen gin & tonics and plowed into a playground full of children? Yes, it seems he was suspended for not wearing his seatbelt as is company policy.

Way back in the dark ages, when I was 16, I worked at McDonald with a woman named Donna Jean Summers.

I see she’s still there.

But seriously, it’s no wonder at age 51 that woman is still working in fast food. I’m not too sure about the 18 year old, either, except that I would give her a pass only because it must be quite a stressful shock to suddenly be accused of something you know you did not do.

I think I need to examine this DVD before I can render a judgement…


How does this whole thing where a cop-impersonator tells someone that they suspect a person of stealing, but instead of coming out to arrest that person they’re going to let the manager strip search them even sound realistic?

On what planet do the cops have fast-food managers conduct strip searches for them?

So as to avoid hijacking this very interesting thread, I starteda new one for discussion of this comment.

Just when I think that I have truly reached the point where the depths of human stupidity cannot surprise me, I find I am wrong.

The BTK Killer got fired from his cushy county job because he didn’t show up to work on time.

Of course, he was busy sitting in a cell after being arrested for a dozen murders or so.

Officer Scott will find himself in a jail cell if he keeps this up, possibly even if he doesn’t. I wouldn’t mind seeing some McDonald’s management who put up with this get a heavy fine or a short jail term. If a cop told me to shoot someone who was no threat to anyone, I wouldn’t. I have a responsibiity along those lines. So do those managers.

It could be that they simply don’t have any way to list “killing lots and lots of people” in their system. Or more likely, they don’t want to risk the lawsuit that might result from firing him for “being *accused *of a really bad crime.”

No clue about the trucker, though. You’d think they could’ve fired him for causing an accident or being under the influence. They may have simply chosen the one that caused them the least amount of paperwork.

You can fool some of the people all of the time.

I read about a somewhat similar incident around 1987, which I inquired about in this thread.

It’s good to see that McDonalds corp. has seen fit to blame the victim here.

Suggested reading for anyone who says “how could they possibly fall for this?” “Obedience to Authority” was the paper written by psychologist Stanley Milgram after performing experiments which showed that about 65% of people would administer what they were told would be a dangerous, possibly deadly, electrical shock under the instruction of an authority figure. The if the authority figure was calm and firm there wasn’t much they couldn’t get the participants to do.

Anyone who thinks “No way would I fall for that.” The odds are against you nearly 2 to 1. The odds are against us all nearly 2 - 1 :frowning:


Do you mean the idiot manager? Do you really think she is the victim? The victim is the young girl. If that manager had the sense that God gave Geese, and believe God didn’t give no kind of sense to no geese, none of this would have happened.

If you ran McDonald’s you would keep that idiot in your employ?

For some reason this headline from the linked article -

seems to offer insight. Although I am not sure what it is.

And I am sure I am not the only one with this running thru his head -


Did you read the link?

One of the biggest wrongs would be if we were all convinced that store mgrs and assit mgrs were always victims, at all stages of the prank.

Initially, they were all victims during early stages of the prank, but at some point no observer needs to apologize for the employees being victims of their own stupidity.

Did you miss this part?

Yea I got down to the end where they did lay a small portion of the blame on the girl.

You can say that she was improperly trained. I’d say she was improperly trained by her parents. If she is old enough to go out and get a job she should be old enough to handle herself in public. Who the fuck doesn’t know that their boss can’t strip search them?

I know that if I allowed myself to be stripsearched in this circumstance, people would have rightfully asked what the hell was I thinking.

I give her 2% of the blame. Only about 20% of the blame to the caller because he is a loon. The rest falls on the manager and her boyfriend.

They are not good people nor do they deserve any pity.

I feel bad for the girl and I feel bad for the loon but those two, fuck em.

I guess you really can’t find good help these days.