Fast food pizza & coke = diet food"+Large

each slice of a 14" dominos hand tossed cheese pizza has 258 calories, 8 grams of fat and 10.5 grams of protein. That works out to a 16/28/56 protein/fat/carbohydrate macronutrient breakdown.

I can’t find the exact glycemic index of dominos pizza but the GI of pizza is usually listed at about 60, which is middle of the road (not too high, not too low).

Combine pizza with coke, which has a macronutrient breakdown of 0/0/100 p/f/c and combine that with pizza. So say you eat 3 slices of pizza and 24 oz of coke. that is 1074 calories with a macronutrient breakdown of 12/20/68 p/f/c macronutrient breakdown. Coke has a GI of about 63.

Yes i know this isn’t health food but im not talking about health food im talking about diet food. i know the sodium content is high and there isnt alot of fiber, and that there aren’t many vitamins or minerals in this type of diet. But a 12/20/68 macronutrient breakdown does qualify as a dieters macronutrient breakdown. 20% fat is considered very lowfat.

So ASSUMING YOU DON’T EAT MORE THAN MAINTENANCE CALORIES DAILY (you don’t eat more than you need. i bolded that because i know im going to get about 10 replies saying people will eat 5k calories a day of pizza) can a person lose weight on pizza and coke as easily as any other 20% fat diet food?

Sign me up for the test group.

My problem isn’t the pizza–it’s those demonic breadsticks and cheese and garlic butter. MmmmmMMM.

I’ve always read (in women’s magazines and such) that pizza is a decent food when you’re dieting, especially if you drink water instead of soda with it.


I think the answer is yes you’d lose weight, but it wouldn’t be healthy (for the reasons you mention, like vitamins) and you’d be miserable. If I wanted to eat a 2000-Calorie diet, I can think of much more pleasant ways than six slices of pizza per day; it doesn’t sound like a lot.

yeah thats very little food and wouldn’t be very filling.

It’s kind of messed up that you’re lowering the overall fat percentage by drinking more soda.

The GI of pizza is fairly low, but there’s no way the insulin index isn’t through the roof (cause it’s very high in fat and carbohydrates). Throw in all the sugar from the soda…it’s not pretty. Most of the calories from pizza & coke are going to end up as fat, and even if you do lose weight on this diet, you’re going to get fatter.

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